October 2023

At least 130 Palestinians killed on 23rd day of Israeli attacks on Gaza
By Ikrame Imane Kouachi: More than 130 Palestinians were killed and dozens of others injured in attacks Israel carried out in Gaza on the 23rd day of its ongoing conflict with Hamas, according to Palestinian news agency WAFA. There were dozens of casualties in attacks on the Beach refugee camp in Gaza City, while warplanes also bombed a six-story residential building in the Tal al-Hawa neighborhood. Israel also dropped bombs on homes in the Al-Zaytoun, Al-Tuffah, and Shujaiya neighborhoods. There were airstrikes on homes in the Jabalia refugee camp, and warplanes also destroyed a residential square in Bir al-Naja, north of the Gaza Strip. Read More

Hundreds of building destroyed in overnight Israeli strikes on Gaza
Anadolu Agency: Israel's army relentlessly hammered Gaza on Saturday after a night of fierce bombardment that rescuers said destroyed hundreds of buildings. The latest Israeli raids were one of the most intense nights of attacks since the war began and coincided with ground operations. With tens of thousands of troops massed along the Gaza border ahead of an expected full-blown invasion, Israeli forces had also made limited ground incursions on Wednesday and Thursday nights. Read More

With all comms cut off, Israeli attacks literally destroying Gaza
Anadolu Agency
With the besieged enclave cut off from the world, Israeli attacks are "literally destroying Gaza from air, land, and sea,” the Palestinian ambassador to the UK said on Friday.
"I have been trying to reach my family in Gaza for hours with no success,” said Husam Zomlot in a statement. He added that "all telecommunications and internet have been cut, while Israeli strikes are literally destroying Gaza from air, land, and sea.” Read More

War on Gaza: Humanity is being Destroyed by Madness of  War and Inept Leadership
By Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja:
The raging war on Gaza and 2.2 million people are at the risk of being massacred by the advancing vengeful Israeli forces while the world is simply watching the “dramatization of war” as a spectator.  The UN General Assembly Resolution (10/27/23) calls for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire between the warring parties and continuing humanitarian assistance of basic necessities to the beleaguered masses in Gaza. The US and Israel seem to disregard the moral force of the UNGA member’s resolve for normalcy and peace.  When people and nations live in darkness, they lose sense of moral and intellectual direction and priorities. Who else would know and understand better than the Jewish people subjugated and discriminated by Europeans for centuries  and ultimately the victims of Holocaust. Ironically, Israeli political hubs view the Palestinians as less than human beings and the politicians called them “human animals.” To enforce this image, American policy makers and some West European are complicit in dehumanization of the people of Palestine. Are we heading towards similar catastrophic disasters as happened during the Two WW?
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The main culprit behind the massacre unfolding in Gaza is the West: Erdogan
By Anadolu Agency:
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Saturday called out Western powers as "the main culprit" behind Israel's "massacre" of Palestinians in Gaza. The call came during the "Great Palestine Rally" held in Istanbul, which was joined by over 1.5 million people, according to the organizers. Erdogan accused Israel's allies of creating a "crusade war atmosphere" pitting Christians against Muslims. Everyone knows that Israel is a pawn in the region that will be sacrificed when the time comes, he said. Read More

UNGA approves resolution calling for urgent 'humanitarian truce' in Gaza
The UN General Assembly on Friday approved a resolution calling for an immediate "durable and sustained humanitarian truce" in Gaza.
The draft resolution, which was presented by nearly 50 countries, including Türkiye, Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), was approved by a vote of 120-14, with 45 nations abstaining. Adopted at the 10th Emergency Special Session meeting on the situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, the draft resolution expresses "grave concern" over the "latest escalation of violence" since Hamas' Oct. 7 attack on Israel. Read More

Palestine hails UN General Assembly resolution for humanitarian truce in Gaza
Yeni Safak
The Palestinian Authority (PA) on Saturday welcomed a UN General Assembly resolution demanding a humanitarian truce in the Gaza Strip and the protection of civilians.
The resolution "confirms that the majority of the world stands with the Palestinian people, and that the Palestinian issue still enjoys a high status among the countries of the world," PA spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeineh said in a statement .Read More

Here is a breakdown of how each country voted in the UNGA in New York City on Friday

Israel, with the Christian West has started a religious war against Muslims
By Ersin Çelik
Israel, with the Christian West it has taken under its dominion, started a religious war against Muslims.
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‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 21: Gaza Health Ministry releases names of martyrs after Biden cast doubts on death toll
Following comments by President Biden that he does not trust the death toll reported by the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza, the ministry released a report with the names, ages and ID numbers of close to 7,000 victims of Israel's war on Gaza.
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Libya Tells Western Ambassadors To Go Home
by Countercurrents Collective
Ambassadors of countries supporting Israel should leave Libya “immediately” and an embargo on oil and gas deliveries should be imposed if the “massacres” in Gaza continue, the Libyan parliament said in a statement on Wednesday. The legislature  condemned the “campaign of genocide by Zionist gangs” against Gaza, intended “to kill the Palestinian people and eradicate their legitimate right to resistance and to build their independent state.” Read More

Many feared dead as Israeli airstrikes reduce Gaza mosque to rubble
Daily Sabah:
Israel on Thursday launched a targeted airstrike on the historic Al-Abyad Mosque located in the northern Gaza Strip leaving many people fearing the worst. This devastating attack was just one in a series of airstrikes that took place in the Al-Shati Refugee Camp, as reported by the Palestinian news agency WAFA. The consequences of this conflict have been truly devastating, with nearly 8,500 lives lost, including at least 7,028 Palestinians and 1,400 Israelis.
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Palestinian Resistance to Meet Russian Authorities: Zakharova
On Thursday, the Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova confirmed that representatives from the political wing of the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas will hold meetings with Russian authorities in Moscow.
While she did not provide more details about the meetings, the RIA Novosti agency reported that the deputy head of Hamas's political bureau, Musa Abu Marzuq, is leading the delegation. Read More

Hamas is as much an idea
By Ian Bremmer
Ultimately, there is no military solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Hamas is as much an idea as it is an organization made up of specific people: Israel can kill its entire leadership and destroy its infrastructure, but the movement and ideology will survive in one form or another so long as the political conditions that underpin its support continue to fester
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‘Human Animals’: The Sordid Language behind Israel’s Genocide in Gaza
Dr Ramzy Baroud
From Golda Meir’s “Palestinians did not exist”
(1969) to Menachem Begin’s  Palestinians are “beasts walking on two legs” (1982), to Eli Ben Dahan’s “Palestinians are like animals, they aren’t human” (2013), to numerous other racist and dehumanizing references, the Zionist discourse remains unchanged. Now, it is all coming together, the language and the action are in perfect alignment. Perhaps, it is time to start paying attention to how Israel’s genocidal language is translated to an actual genocide on the ground. Sadly, for thousands of Palestinian civilians, this awareness is simply too late. Read More

First came Zionist terror
By Mani Shankar Aiyar:
It is ironic that Israel is calling on the world to condemn Hamas terrorism when Zionist terrorism, involving several future Prime Ministers of Israel, was at the heart of the Zionist movement from at least the early 1940s. Even more ironically, its media voice was a newspaper called Hamaas, meaning “Resistance” in both Arabic and Hebrew. It was the mouthpiece of the terrorist group Lehi (a Hebrew acronym for Fighters for the Freedom of Israel) led by Abraham Stern whose later breakaway faction came to be called the Stern Gang. Perhaps the most notorious member of the Stern Gang was Menachem Begin, destined to become Prime Minister of Israel (1977-1983).
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Over 8,000 Palestinians killed or missing in Gaza
Middle East Eye
Israeli forces intensify arrest campaign in West Bank, while over 8,000 Palestinians killed or missing in Gaza
. It appears that in recent days, less news has been coming out of Gaza overnight, as internet and telecommunications infrastructure has been severely damaged. Israel said it conducted a ground operation in Gaza, attacked several sites, and then withdrew. Read More

Zionist think tank publishes blueprint for Palestinian genocide
By Kit Klarenberg
: In a white paper released over a week after the Hamas-led surprise attack on Israeli military bases and kibbutzes, The Institute for National Security and Zionist Strategy outlined “a plan for resettlement and final rehabilitation in Egypt of the entire population of Gaza,” based on the “unique and rare opportunity to evacuate the entire Gaza Strip” that Israel’s latest assault on the besieged costal enclave provided.
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Erdogan: Hamas is not a terrorist organization
Daily Sabah:
President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan denounced  Israel once again for its atrocities targeting Palestinians while speaking at his party’s parliamentary group meeting Wednesday. He pointed out that almost half of the people killed by Israel’s attacks are comprised of children and their mothers. “This is sufficient to show that Israel is not acting in self-defense but commits savagery on a level with crimes against humanity. You cannot find another state or another army in the world bombing cities, hospitals, places of worship, schools and marketplaces night and day by warplanes just to kill children. The West sees Hamas as a terrorist group. I tell Israel here: The West owes you many things, but we are not indebted to Israel. Hamas is not a terrorist organization. It is a liberation group, a group of mujahideen fighting to defend its lands and people,” he said. Read More

The Palestinian Tragedy: Cui Bono?
By Pepe Escobar
By now it’s fully established who is profiting from the ghastly Palestine tragedy. First winner is the War Party Inc., a massive bilateral scam. The White House’s $106 billion supplemental request to Congress for “assistance” especially to Ukraine and Israel is manna from Heaven to the weaponizing tentacles of the MICIMATT (military-industrial-congressional-intelligence-media-academia-think tank complex, in the legendary definition by Ray McGovern).
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Israel’s war of self-deceit
By Marwan Bishara
In his genocidal offensive, Netanyahu has been aided and abetted by his former Western detractors, who until recently were expressing “concern” about his plans to undermine Israel’s judiciary, through his coalition of fanatics and fascists, in order to stay out of jail.
First and foremost among them is US President Joe Biden, who went from snubbing Netanyahu for much of the year to embracing and shielding him from the wrath of Israelis and Arabs alike. Imposing a hermetic blockade on Gaza and unleashing a bombing rampage to pave the way for a land invasion, Israel will face dangerous regional blowbacks. In its genocidal drive, it may, as some fear, drag the US into World War III. Read More

Israeli airstrikes killed at least 700 Plestinians
The San Diego Union-Tribune
: Israel escalated airstrikes across the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, crushing families in the rubble of residential buildings, as health officials said hundreds of Palestinians were killed in the past day and medical facilities were shut down because of bomb damage and lack of power. The Gaza Health Ministry said Israeli airstrikes killed at least 704 people over the past day, mostly women and children.
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Israeli airstrikes killed at least 700 Plestinians
The San Diego Union-Tribune
: Israel escalated airstrikes across the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, crushing families in the rubble of residential buildings, as health officials said hundreds of Palestinians were killed in the past day and medical facilities were shut down because of bomb damage and lack of power. The Gaza Health Ministry said Israeli airstrikes killed at least 704 people over the past day, mostly women and children.
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All of Palestine is under attack
Jewish Voice for Peace
For many of us, it’s impossible to imagine the scale of death and destruction in Gaza. 
In just two weeks, the Israeli military has killed over 5,000 Palestinians in Gaza. Israeli warplanes have flattened entire neighborhoods. Shell-shocked children are left to search for their parents under the rubble. Millions of Palestinians have once again been made refugees, bombed as they tried to flee. Surgeons are operating by the light of their cellphones, increasingly without anesthesia. Let us be clear: This is genocide. This isn’t a war on Hamas. It’s a war on the Palestinian people. Read More

UN chief slams Israel for violating international law in Gaza
Daily Sabah
: The United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres on Tuesday told the UN General Assembly, that the attacks by Hamas "did not happen in a vacuum" further adding that the attacks cannot justify the "collective punishment of the Palestinian people".
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From Balfour to Now, Western Duplicity Covers Israeli State Terrorism and Genocide
By Finian Cunningham
: The incitement of a regional war by this Western-sponsored genocide is reaching a flashpoint. Arab nations, as well as Iran and Turkey, will inevitably be pushed by the anger of their populations to intervene.
The cynicism and duplicity of the Western powers is redolent of the infamous Balfour Declaration published by the British government more than a century ago. From Britain’s betrayal over a century ago to the present complicity in Israel’s genocide against Palestinians, there is a heinous continuity in Western deception and culpability. Read More

Feasible path to achieve the unity of the Ummah
İhsan Aktaş
: Today, we have come to see that the most feasible path to achieving the unity of the Ummah is not the union of its parts but its consolidation around a powerful and influential country. Nations regain access to their historical abilities. In this context, there has been an interesting expectation related to Türkiye in Muslim countries, African countries, and Latin America. Türkiye's self-development, self-sufficiency in defense industries, and achievements independent of the West, led by Erdoğan's balanced leadership, have turned Türkiye into a source of hope for nations and governments. A Türkiye as strong as the Ottoman Empire is needed by both the child in Gaza, the Turkic world, and all oppressed people. Read More

The Legacy of the Ottoman Empire, the Future of Türkiye: Turks, Kurds, Arabs
İhsan Aktaş
: The greatest success of cultural imperialism was making Arabs and Turks enemies after World War I. The age of imperialism is coming to an end. While the Great Türkiye is shaping the future step by step, trying to make Arabs hate Turks and Turks hate Arabs will serve no purpose other than to harm our future vision. It is no coincidence that Western states unanimously support the PKK. Let's take away this old toy from the hands of the British. We are a nation with the legacy of an empire. At certain times in history, we embark on long journeys. Let's not sacrifice this grand expedition for small steps. Read More

110 more Palestinians killed in overnight Israeli attacks on Gaza
Daily Sabah:
least 110 more Palestinians, including women and children, were killed in Israeli attacks overnight on various parts of the Gaza Strip, marking the 18th day of an offensive on Gaza. Israeli warplanes continued to strike various areas across the Gaza Strip throughout the night, the Al-Aqsa satellite channel said on Telegram. Read More

Gaza death toll in Israeli airstrikes crosses grim 5,000 mark
Daily Sabah
: P
alestinian death toll in Gaza from Israeli airstrikes crossed the grim mark of 5,000 on Monday, according to the coastal strip's Health Ministry.
The number now stands at 5,087, including 2,055 children and over 1,000 women, the ministry added. The Health Ministry said an additional 15,273 people were injured in the attacks by Israel, which carried to daily bombardments of the city since the Oct. 7 incursion by Hamas. Read More

No bread, no water, no security, only massacre in Palestine
: Over the past 70 years, Israel's actions echo a dark historical parallel where, like Adolf Hitler's sinister pursuit, they systematically target Palestinians, relentlessly taking the lives of children. Presently, the global community's gaze is firmly affixed on the tragic loss of innocent lives in Gaza, an outcome of actions by Israeli terror. The voices from the Western world, including Americans and Europeans, have framed the situation as a conflict between defenders of Western values and their adversaries. There were remarkable similarities between the Egyptian comedian Bassem Youssef, who drew comparisons of the Israeli leadership with a narcissistic psychopath, and Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan in terms of what these Western values are, exposing Israel's controversial narrative that victimizes Israel in the face of Hamas' surprise attack. Read More

What must Muslims do in the face of Jewish terrorism?
İhsan Aktaş: What can Muslim countries do: After World War I, the design of Muslim lands was done with today in mind. The fragmented geography allows them to fight each other if possible, be enemies to each other, and the colonial empire continues to exploit Muslims skillfully. First and foremost, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation should initiate a discussion to resolve disputes among Muslim countries through their arbitration.
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Israeli attacks kill over 400 Palestinians in Gaza on Sunday
Anadolu Agency
More than 400 Palestinians were killed on Sunday as a result of intensified Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip.
Most of those killed were women and children, medical sources told the Palestinian news agency WAFA. The attacks were concentrated in Jabalya and Beit Lahiya in the north, the Al-Gusta and Al-Rimal neighborhoods and Al-Shati refugee camp in the west and Khan Younis and Rafah in the south of the Gaza Strip. The number of women, children and elderly killed Sunday accounted for 70% of the death toll, according to the sources. Read More

From Kashmir to Palestine: Occupation is a crime
Expressing horror and shock at the ongoing human catastrophe in Gaza, the World Kashmir Awareness Forum a (WKAF) nd the Kashmir Diaspora Coalition (KDC) Board issued a unanimous statement condemning, “the relentless Israeli bombing of one of the most densely populated civilian populations of the world for two weeks non-stop, deliberately targeting innocent civilians’ targets — homes, hospitals, and schools where there is nowhere to escape and hide. The most horrific bombing on October 18 on Al-Ahli Hospital killed over 500 innocent people, including patients, healthcare workers, and doctors”.
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Israel says ground operation in Gaza may take months
Anadolu Agency
Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said Sunday that an expected ground operation in the Gaza Strip “may take months,” local media outlets reported.
"These should be the last (ground) maneuvers in Gaza, because after them, there will be no Hamas anymore. It will take a month, two, three months, but eventually there will be no more Hamas," Israeli media quoted him as saying. Read More

Gaza is burning, where are Muslim rulers?
By Merve Berker
“What is happening in Gaza is a Nazi Holocaust war, suspected of ethnic cleansing,” the secretary-general of the International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS) said on Sunday.
“When we see Gaza burning and its people suffering, we find ourselves facing one of the greatest humanitarian tragedies of modern times,” Ali Muhiuddin Al-Qurra Daghi stated on X. “Children are being killed and women are dying, while the Palestinian people are trying to defend their land and rights,” he said. Read More

Palestinian death toll from Israeli attacks on Gaza reaches 4,651
Anadolu Agency
: The death toll in Gaza due to Israel's ongoing bombardment has climbed to 4,651, including 1,873 children, the Health Ministry in the besieged enclave said Sunday. In a statement, Ashraf Qudra, a ministry spokesman, said that 1,023 women were also among the people killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza since Oct. 7. The number of injured has risen to 14,245, the spokesman added.
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31 mosques destroyed in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza since Oct. 7
Daily Sabah: At least five more mosques were destroyed in Israeli airstrikes on the besieged Gaza Strip on Sunday, bringing the total number to 31 since Oct. 7, the Gaza-based Endowments and Religious Affairs Ministry said. "The number of mosques completely destroyed since the beginning of Israel's attacks on Gaza has increased to 31," the ministry said in a statement Sunday. Read More

Casualties reported as Israel strikes refugee camp market in Gaza
Anadolu Agency: Scores of people were killed and injured after Israeli forces targeted a marketplace in a refugee camp in central Gaza in airstrikes on Saturday, the blockaded enclave's interior ministry said. "There are fatalities and a significant number of injuries in the Israeli army's targeting of the Nusseirat Market in the central Gaza Strip," the ministry said on Telegram, without reporting the exact number of casualties. Related reports from various local media outlets, including the Al-Aqsa radio station, noted that the Israeli strike targeted a store called Akel, causing it and nearby shops to catch fire in the marketplace, which is located in the Nusseirat Refugee Camp. Read More

Civilians who don't leave N. Gaza to be treated as terrorists: Israel
Anadolu Agency
: Israel's military will consider civilians who do not leave northern Gaza in defiance of an evacuation order as partners of "terrorists" and may kill them, according to warning messages dropped by the army on Saturday. The Israeli aircraft dropped "urgent warning" flyers into the besieged enclave, urging Palestinians in northern Gaza to move south. "To the residents of the Gaza Strip," the Israeli army wrote.
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At least 4,385 killed, including 1,756 children, in Israeli strikes on Gaza
At least 4,385 people have been killed in the Gaza Strip since Israel began bombarding the Palestinian enclave, including 1,756 children, the Hamas-controlled health ministry said Saturday.
The ministry said another 13,561 people had been wounded in the Israeli strikes, which began on October 7. Read More

As the threat of a second Nakba looms large, the West is shamefully turning a blind eye
By Lubna Masarwa
The past two weeks have shown how easily the western world turns its back on Palestinians in times of crisis. We are seeing western racism in all its cruelty, as Palestinian lives are deemed inherently less valuable. The worst horror is the silence and complicity of the West in Israel’s unspeakable massacres.
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First of 20 aid trucks enter besieged Gaza through Rafah border crossing with Egypt
Alarabiya: The first of 20 trucks carrying humanitarian aid entered the war-torn and besieged Gaza Strip on Saturday through the Rafah border crossing with Egypt, said AFP correspondents on both sides.  UN humanitarian chief Martin Griffiths said he was “confident that this delivery will be the start of a sustainable effort to provide essential supplies... to the people of Gaza” and warned that “this first convoy must not be the last.” The border crossing was closed again after the passage of the trucks from the Egyptian Red Crescent, which is responsible for delivering aid from various UN agencies. Read More

Terror Threats Force Va. Marriott Hotel to Cancel CAIR's Annual Banquet The Council on American-CAIR: Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, today announced that the hotel scheduled to host CAIR’s 29th annual banquet in Arlington, Virginia, has canceled the event due to multiple terror threats targeting the hotel, its staff, CAIR and American Muslims. CAIR’s banquet was scheduled to take place Saturday, Oct. 21, at the Marriott Crystal Gateway, in Arlington, Virginia. CAIR has hosted banquets there annually for over ten years. CAIR also planned to host a separate banquet at a Westin hotel in Maryland on Oct. 28th. Read More

Arab Americans fear return to post-9/11 prejudices amid US backing of Israel
TRT News: Inflammatory statements by US elected officials against Palestinians in Gaza and unconditional support for Israel worry Muslims of a possible rise in Islamophobia. In the days following Hamas' attack on Israel, many Arab and Muslim Americans have worried over signs of a return to the atmosphere of suspicion that hung over their communities in the United States after 9/11. Those fears were brutally underscored when a little boy of Palestinian origin was stabbed to death in Illinois.
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Palestinian Americans decry demonization in media amid rising fear of hate crimes
By  Kathryn Post, Roxanne Stone
Thousands of miles from the crisis in Gaza, Muslims and Palestinians in the U.S. are reporting a wave of Islamophobic incidents that, for many, feels terrifyingly familiar.
“This is reminding me a bit of how it felt post-9/11,” Palestinian activist and policy analyst Laila El-Haddad told Religion News Service on Tuesday afternoon (Oct. 17). Read More

Battle against hate: Violence, bigotry toward Palestinian Americans spiking across US
USA Today: Palestinian Americans are seeing two fronts in the Israel-Hamas war: One is the bloodshed in the Middle East. The other is emotional backlash from bigotry and hate in the U.S. American Muslims for Palestine executive director Osama Abu Irshaid told USA TODAY his team is facing a myriad of fears and forms of grief, as they mourn familial losses, the collective mourning of human loss, and mounting fears of violence fueled by anti-Palestinian and anti-Muslim bigotry in the U.S. One staffer has lost 18 family members to recent attacks in Gaza, Irshaid said. Read More

500+ killed in ruthless Israeli airstrike on Gaza hospital
Daily Sabah:
Over 500 people were killed in an Israeli airstrike on the Baptist hospital in Gaza, Palestinian Health Ministry spokesperson Ashraf al-Qudra told Anadolu Agency (AA) on Tuesday. Husam Abu Safeya, head doctor for MedGlobal, a Chicago-based nongovernmental organization (NGO), cited his colleague Husam Abu Safeya, a doctor working in northern Gaza as saying: “We can’t deal with the large number of deaths and injuries. Most victims are women and children sleeping in the hospital. We expect more hospitals to be bombed. There is no safe place in Gaza.” Footage showed corpses scattered across the hospital grounds. Read More

Protesters around the world rage against Gaza hospital attack
Daily Sabah
Turkish people took to the streets following an Israeli attack at a hospital in besieged Gaza that killed hundreds. Gathering around Israeli diplomatic missions and elsewhere, angry crowds denounced the massacre as similar protests were being held across the world
. Thousands of protesters across the world poured into the streets overnight Tuesday to protest the inhumane Israeli attack on a Gaza Strip hospital that killed hundreds of civilians. In Türkiye, a champion of the Palestinian cause, rallies erupted in most of 81 provinces to condemn the attack. Several Muslim countries also announced days of mourning for the victims. Read More

All victims of Gaza hospital blast were civilians
All victims of Tuesday’s deadly strike on a public hospital in the Gaza Strip were civilians, a spokesperson for the enclave’s health ministry said.
“All those killed in the attack on the hospital in Gaza were civilians,” the spokesperson was quoted as saying by Al Jazeera. “All the wounded were civilians, too.”Read More

American Muslims condemn Israeli attack on Gaza hospital
The U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO)
, condemns in the strongest possible terms the Israeli government’s unconscionable war crime—the bombing of the al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza, today, killing 500 to 800 patients, doctors, healthcare workers, and hundreds of displaced children and families seeking shelter there, with nowhere else to go. USCMO calls on President Biden to cancel his plans to stand alongside Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu and endorse his government’s ongoing war crimes against Palestinians. Read More

UN Security Council votes down Russia resolution calling for humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza
BY EPHREM KOSSAIFY: NEW YORK: A resolution proposed by Russia calling for a “humanitarian ceasefire” in Gaza and the release of “all hostages” has failed to receive enough votes to be adopted by the 15-member UN Security Council, with members who voted against it or abstained citing its failure to mention Hamas and condemn the group’s Oct. 7 attack on Israeli towns.  On Monday, Russia, China, the UAE, Gabon and Mozambique voted in favor, while the US, UK, France and Japan voted against. Brazil, Malta, Albania, Switzerland, Ecuador and Ghana abstained.  Read More

Not Hamas-Israeli Conflict: The Palestinian Cause Belongs to the World`
by Dr Ramzy Baroud:  At one time, the ‘Arab-Israeli Conflict’ was Arab and Israeli. Over the course of many years, however, it was rebranded. The media is now telling us it is a ‘Hamas-Israeli conflict’. But what went wrong? Israel simply became too powerful. The supposedly astounding Israeli victories over the years against Arab armies have emboldened Israel to the extent that it came to view itself, not as a regional superpower, but as a global power as well. Israel, per its own definition, became ‘invincible’.  Such terminology was not a mere scare tactic aimed at breaking the spirit of Palestinians and Arabs alike. Israel believed this. 
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Trump pledges to expel immigrants who support Hamas, Ban Muslims From the U.S.
CLIVE, Iowa (Reuters) - Donald Trump promised on Monday that if elected president again he will bar immigrants who support Hamas from entering the U.S. and send officers to pro-Hamas protests to arrest and deport immigrants who publicly support the Palestinian militant group.
On a campaign stop in Iowa, Trump was responding to the Hamas killing of at least 1,300 Israelis that triggered a war in which Palestinian health officials say Israel has killed more than 2,800 Palestinians in Gaza. Read More

Iran's Leader: If Israeli crimes continue, no one can stop Muslims, resistance forces
Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says if Israeli crimes against Palestinians in Gaza continue, no one can stop Muslims and resistance forces. Speaking in a meeting with a group of Iranian elites and top scientific talents on Tuesday, Ayatollah Khamenei said that Muslim nations are angry at the Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip. “If these crimes continue, the Muslims and the resistance forces will become impatient, [and] no one would be able to stop them,” he said.
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Israel-Palestine Conflict:  Saga of peacemaking, equal rights and two states
By Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja
The Israel-Palestine conflict saga is diluted with a mixture of political contradictions, denial of equal rights to fellow human beings and distortion of claims and counter-claims of historic facts and unthinkable perversion of prevalent reality. The blame games are enlarged in scope and intensity to sheer inhumanity living in agony and pains of displacements on this earth. Watching the massive military hardware being mobilized to support a mythological criteria that those enriched with wisdom have turned out to be foolish in thoughts and actions. The focal issue of Israel and Palestine – Two independent States existing in the highly volatile and unpredictable Middle East landscape.  The emerging crisis shatters the invincibility of the Israeli military power and embodies critical issues of Hamas challenging the intelligence superiority and killing of 1300 Israeli citizens  (265 soldiers and 51 policemen) and some 2600 or more wounded in a surprise attack a week earlier. Read More

Six-year-old American-Palestinian boy fatally stabbed 26 times by landlord
Media Reports: A six-year-old American-Palestinian Muslim boy was fatally stabbed and his mother seriously injured when their landlord entered their home with a 12-inch military knife on Saturday in Chicago.According to the police, the family was targeted because of their Islamic beliefs and in reaction to the violence in Palestine and Israel. "Detectives were able to determine that both victims in this brutal attack were targeted by the suspect due to them being Muslim and the ongoing Middle Eastern conflict involving Hamas and the Israelis," the Will County Sheriff's Office said in a statement posted to social media. Read More

Gaza death toll nears 2,400, thousands at risk in packed hospitals
Daily Sabah:
The Palestinian death toll from brutal Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip neared 2,400 Sunday, while medics sounded alarms that thousands more could die at its packed hospitals.
The Gaza Health Ministry revised the number of Palestinians killed in Israeli air attacks to 2,329, while the number of wounded has also risen to 9,042. The death toll on Sunday surpassed that of the 2014 Israel-Palestinian conflict, when 2,251 Palestinians, including 1,462 civilians, were killed, according to U.N. figures. Read More

De-Palestinization of the Gaza Strip!
Having dealt with occupation and exile for 75 years, the vast majority of Palestinians are unlikely to end their resistance and leave Gaza. Indeed, a story that Bloomberg published on Friday summarized the plight of the Palestinians in Gaza: The vast majority of Gaza’s residents consists of refugees from towns and villages in Israel and the West Bank. They are afraid that they won’t be able to return to the last remaining piece of their homeland.
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Which countries have criticised Israeli attacks on Gaza?
Al Jazeera:
Following Hamas’s unprecedented 
surprise attack on Israel more than a week ago, much of the international community rushed to voice its concern about the escalation in tensions. However, as Israel continues to bomb Gaza and attack Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, several governments have started to turn critical of Israel’s actions — some more directly than others. Here is a list of countries that have called on Israel to stop its aggression and move towards a ceasefire. Read More

President Biden, Please, Drop the Charade
By Dr. Habib Siddiqui
: As millions of people have poured onto the streets around the world in support of the Palestinian people as Israel Defense Force (IDF) pounds Gaza non-stop since the surprise attack of the Hamas inside Israel, the western powers, led by the US, have come to show their unrelenting support for the murderous apartheid state of Israel. In this war, truth has once again been twisted to justify the genocidal crimes of the Netanyahu government. Read More

UN warns of ethnic cleansing as refugee shelters overflow in Gaza
by Countercurrents Collective: UN human rights experts warned on Saturday: Palestinians in Gaza face mass ethnic cleansing as Israel orders half the population of the densely populated strip to evacuate amid continued aerial bombardment and dwindling resources on the ground. “In the name of self-defense, Israel is seeking to justify what would amount to ethnic cleansing,” UN Special Rapporteur Francesca Albanese said, noting that “Israel has already carried out mass ethnic cleansing of Palestinian under the fog of war.” Read More

Palestine and Indiaメs Fading Anti-Colonialism stand
by Abdul Moid: India’s growing intimacy with Israel does not just betray Palestine. It betrays the memories of countless Indian independence leaders and freedom fighters who were inspired by the moral dimension of their struggle. It abandons the legacy of Gandhi, Nehru and Azad who advocated non-violent protest for human brotherhood. Read More

Israeli Air Force Says It Has Dropped 6,000 Bombs on Gaza
WSJ: The Israeli Air Force said it has dropped about 6,000 bombs targeted at Hamas in Gaza since the war began, adding that it will continue the campaign as long as necessary. The airstrikes killed hundreds of Hamas militants and damaged the group’s military infrastructure, the Israeli Air Force said in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter. Read More

The Nakba that Israel has started will backfire
By David Hearst
Reoccupying Gaza and finishing off just one Palestinian armed group will not change the strategic reality of the Middle East, as the Israeli government has vowed to do
. Read More

Israel’s Massive Intelligence Failure
By Scott Ritter and George Galloway
s the scope and scale of the Hamas surprise attack on Israel becomes clearer, one question emerges more than any other from the detritus of the battlefield: How did such a massive, complex undertaking escape the notice of Israel’s vaunted intelligence service? An equally important question is why wasn’t this attack detected by the U.S. intelligence community as well, given the massive expenditures made in countering terrorism since the terrorist attacks on the U.S. homeland of September 11, 2001? The answers lie in the history of success Israel has enjoyed in identifying and responding to Hamas operations in the past, success which manifested itself into a culture of complacency, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of Israeli citizens — the very people the intelligence services were dedicated to protect. Read More

Relentless War Crimes in Gaza and Changing Geopolitics in the Middle East
Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal
The Palestinians now face another 
nakba (the great catastrophe). Nakba is the forceful extermination of Palestinians from their ancestral homes. The first nakba took place in 1948 to cleanse Palestinians from their land. In the first nakba, about 500 villages were destroyed and more than 600, 000 Palestinians were driven out of Palestine. Thus, empty spaces were created for the imported Jews from abroad. Israel plans to accomplish the cleansing operation in Gaza in two phases. In its first phase, Israel asked 1.2 million people of Gaza city and northern part of the Gaza Strip to vacate their homes in 24 hours. When Israel takes control of northern Gaza, the second phase of cleansing will start to drive out the rest of the population from Gaza. When the cleansing is complete, the full annexation of Gaza will start. The same methodology was applied to annex Golan heights and East Jerusalem. Read More

Violence Against Human Animals: Images from the Israel-Hamas War
by Dr Binoy Kampmark; With the body count rising in this latest, and particularly bloody Israel-Hamas War, the narrative of Israel the wounded, Israel the desperate, has now been annexed to Israel the just warrior State, fighting darkness and primaeval stone age barbarism. This has taken two forms.  The first is the way the victims of the Hamas attacks inside Israeli territory have been elevated, ennobled, sanctified.  The second is the manner with which the Hamas killings have been rendered exceptionally ghoulish, visceral, blood curdling. Read More

Arab League condemns Israel's siege on Gaza, demands urgent aid access
Al Arabiya
: Arab foreign ministers on Wednesday denounced Israel’s siege of Gaza following the shock attack by Palestinian militants on Israel, demanding that aid be “immediately” allowed to enter the blockaded enclave. Meeting at Arab League headquarters in Cairo, Arab foreign ministers discussed the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas and demanded Israel lift its siege of Gaza. They also called for the “immediate” dispatch of food, fuel and humanitarian aid to the impoverished and densely populated coastal enclave.
Read More

Israel tells 1.1m to evacuate north Gaza as trapped citizens say ‘there is no place to go’
Independent UK:
Palestinian civilians living in northern
Gaza  have said they are ignoring the Israeli order to evacuate southward because they have “no place to go”, sparking fears that they could become victims of the anticipated ground offensive. The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) issued a 24-hour evacuation notice to Gazans in the northern regions at midnight on Friday, saying areas near Gaza City had been used for Hamas’ “military operations”. Read More

US, European powers fully implicated in Israeli mass murder
:WSWS International Editorial Board: The 
World Socialist Web Site International Editorial Board condemns the war crimes conducted by the Israeli regime’s homicidal rampage in Gaza, which is being carried out with the full support of the United States and all the imperialist powers. We call on workers and youth throughout the world to mobilize protests to demand these war crimes be stopped. The aim of the Israeli onslaught is to kill as many Palestinians as possible and to render Gaza dysfunctional and uninhabitable. The Netanyahu regime intends to wipe Gaza off the face of the earth, a fact that is confirmed by the announcement late Thursday that Israel is demanding that the 1.1 million people living in northern Gaza evacuate within 24 hours. It is, in effect, sending Gazans on a death march.
Read More

Spontaneous protests in solidarity with Palestinians in German cities
: A number of spontaneous pro-Palestinian demonstrations have taken place in Germany this week, despite efforts by the government, police and courts to ban all protests against the Israeli army’s brutal crackdown on Gaza. On Saturday evening, about 50 people demonstrated in solidarity with Palestinians in the Neukölln district of Berlin. Police broke up the protest by force stating that, according to a police spokesperson, public safety was threatened by “anti-Israel and violence-glorifying chants” and the wearing of masks. On Monday evening, more than 100 demonstrators expressed their support for Palestinians in Duisburg. The mostly young participants waved Palestine flags and held up homemade placards. The demonstration, which began at Brückenplatz, Hockfeld, near the city centre, was accompanied by a huge contingent of press and television media as well as police. A hundred police officers, dog handlers, motorbike police and numerous plainclothes officers were deployed. Read More

UK government demands intensified clampdown on protests in defense of Palestinians
Robert Stevens
The British government is demanding stepped-up repression against those demonstrating in defen
se of the Palestinians being massacred by Israel’s armed forces. Three were arrested in London during protests at the Israel Embassy on Monday where a massive police presence was mobilized. On Wednesday, a further four people were arrested outside Manchester Central Library in St. Peter’s Square, in a protest against a vigil by supporters of the Israeli state. The protests in support of the Palestinian people, who are being subjected to collective punishment and other war crimes, are among several in towns and cities across Britain since last Saturday. Read More

French police assault banned pro-Gaza demonstration in Paris
Samuel Tissot
On Thursday evening, thousands gathered at the Place de la République in Paris in opposition to the Israeli onslaught against the Gazan population and the French government’s support for these horrific crimes. Protesters gathered despite a ban and the systematic intimidation of perceived protesters by heavily armed police in the surrounding area. 
An initial notice banning the planned protest was received by the Solidarity for Palestinians in France on Wednesday. Read More

Israel kills 400 Palestinian children, wounds 1,500 more
Middle East Eye:
Israeli air force says 6,000 bombs dropped in Gaza hitting 3,600 'targets' as bombardment continues. 400 Palestinian children were killed as the Palestinian death toll rises to 1500 Thursday. Meanwhile, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has called on Palestinians in Gaza to "remain on their land" and not flee southwards into northern Sinai. There have been repeated calls for Egypt to allow the passage of Palestinians from the besieged enclave in the wake of the Israeli bombardment. Read More

Turkish President Condemns Israeli Massacre in Gaza

The blood of Gaza is on the West’s hands as much as Israel’s
By Jonathan Cook
: Israel is on the rampage again and Gaza’s population is facing a quiet, slow path to erasure. The ones funding and enabling it are the US and its European allies.
Read More

Get this straight, Western media: Palestinians aren’t sub-human
By Andrew Mitrovica
The deep and lasting human consequences of Israel’s terrifying, perpetual war on Palestinians – prosecuted with indiscriminate cruelty by an occupying army and its de facto proxies, fanatical settler militias – have been plain for anyone willing or inclined to see, for generations.
Dehumanisation of Palestinians is as central to Israel’s war strategy as the deadly missiles it wields. Read More

The geopolitics of Al-Aqsa Flood
By Pepe Escobar:
Global focus just shifted from Ukraine to Palestine. This new arena of confrontation will ignite further competition between the Atlanticist and Eurasian blocs. These fights are increasingly zero-sum ones; as in Ukraine, only one pole can emerge strengthened and victorious.
Read More

Palestinian death toll in Israeli strikes on Gaza climbs to 950
least 950 people have now been killed and over 5,000 others injured in Israeli airstrikes on the blockaded Gaza Strip, its Health Ministry confirmed Wednesday. Read More

Putin backs independent Palestine in US Mid-East policy criticism
Daily Sabah:
Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday the Israel-Gaza conflict showed the "failure" of Washington's Middle East policy and called the creation of "an independent sovereign Palestinian state" a "necessity."
Read More

Is a new Middle East emerging?
It is too early to tell where the conflict is headed. If Israel intends to target Iran and its proxies as Netanyahu initially suggested, however, that violence might spread across the region and create a new wave of turbulence. It was no secret that Israel would deliver a harsh response to Saturday’s assault. What we do not know is how Iran would respond to an attack against itself or its proxies – including Hezbollah. The nature of the Israeli counterattack and how others will respond shall determine whether a new Middle East will emerge.
Read More

Biden Doubled Down on the Abraham Accords to “Devastating Consequences”
By Murtaza Hussain
: The Biden administration’s policy of ignoring conditions in Gaza contributed to this weekend’s explosion of violence. “The Biden administration’s policy has been to simply ignore the tragic situation on the ground, perhaps more than any other administration. It’s deliberate ignorance that has had very devastating consequences,” says Yousef Munayyer, a nonresident senior fellow at the Arab Center Washington. Read More

When peace fails to yield results war becomes inevitable
By Yusuf Dinç
: How the war that started between Israel and the Palestinians will end, or if it will end, remains to be seen. But the whole world is part of this war that Gaza had to start. It was the silence of the whole world that killed children in Gaza. Read More

Israeli-Palestinian conflict: violence solves nothing!
By Olivier Turquet
It may be trivial for some but in this dramatic and confusing moment of military escalation and propaganda I believe it is important to reiterate a simple concept: Nothing can be solved with violence! This is not just my statement but a voice that is rising in the background of numerous comments that we see around, comments of more or less “authoritative” people according to common feeling, people who often due to their courage in saying things do not have that much space in the media. Read More

US politicians' remarks adding fuel to Israeli-Palestinian conflict are very callous
By Global Times
e still see that the words and actions of the US and many Western countries are, in fact, fanning the flames rather than cooling down the situation. This is a consistent pattern for Western countries in many conflict regions, where they often create substantial obstacles to crisis resolution. Read More

Who is responsible for the violence in Israel and Gaza?
By Tom Carter:
Fighters from Gaza, hardened by a lifetime of atrocities under Israeli occupation and accepting that they would not return to Gaza alive, exacted their revenge on the first Israelis they found, including those who had staged a dance party on the outskirts of what amounts to a concentration camp. But the question must be posed: Who bears ultimate responsibility for their deaths? Blame for these tragedies must be assigned where it belongs: In the first instance to the criminal Israeli apartheid regime and its US backers, together with the whole reactionary Zionist project of establishing an exclusivist Jewish state by expelling Palestinians and confining them to a constantly shrinking set of open-air prisons and ghettos.
Read More

The Present: The brutality of Israeli checkpoints
By Joanne Laurier:
The Present, a 2020 film directed by British-Palestinian filmmaker Farah Nabulsi, is now streaming on Netflix. It has played at various film festivals and been warmly received. The short film treats the Israeli oppression of the Palestinians, focusing on the brutal checkpoint system. Read More

Harvard students blame apartheid Israeli regime for Israel-Gaza war
Al Jazeera
A coalition of 34 Harvard University student organi
zations has issued a pro-Palestinian statement in reaction to the continuing Israel-Gaza war. The students of the most influential university in United States politics said in the statement published on Monday that they “hold the Israeli regime entirely responsible for all unfolding violence” between the Palestinians and Israelis following decades of occupation, adding that “the apartheid regime is the only one to blame”. Read More

Hamas attack derailed Saudi-Israeli rapprochement
Media Reports:
After Hamas’
attacks deep inside Israel and Israel’s subsequent declaration of war, Saudi-Israeli rapprochement is for now off the table, Ian Bremmer, president and founder of the geopolitical consulting firm Eurasia Group, told Fortune. It is also argued that efforts to stop that deal could have been an impetus for the surprise attack on Saturday. Read More

Israel's unexpected transformation: from powerhouse to paper tiger
By Yasin Aktay
Today's world order is revealing the clear truth: being right in any case, even being absolutely right, is not enough in the simplest case, and it does not save you from an injustice you have suffered. Proving that you are right does not happen with lawsuits or files. You need power, and when necessary, you must take your rights yourself
…. After October 7th, the world will certainly be a completely different world. This will have very comprehensive effects. We will continue to watch. Read More

North Korea blames Israel for latest conflict with Palestine
Anadolu Agency
North Korea on Tuesday accused Israel of escalating the conflict with the Palestinian group Hamas and said its consequences of "Israel's ceaseless criminal actions" against the people of Palestine.
"The international community calls the conflict the consequence of Israel's ceaseless criminal actions against the people of Palestine. Fundamental solution is an independent Palestinian state," Seoul-based Yonhap News reported, citing Rodong Sinmun, the newspaper of North Korea's ruling party. Read More

Crazy talks on Israeli-Palestinian conflict prove US is enemy of world peace
By Global Times
Since the latest bloody conflict broke out between Israel and Palestine, voices calling for restraint or a cease-fire are hard to find in Washington. On the contrary, The US is filled with inflammatory, reckless and crazy talks.
Read More

Death toll of Palestinians killed by Israeli army in Gaza rises to 493
Anadolu Agency
The number of Palestinians killed by the Israeli forces in Gaza has risen to 493, the Gaza-based Health Ministry said on Monday amid ongoing fighting. It also said the number of injured people surged to 2,751. The Interior Ministry in Gaza said the Israeli army has "intensified its aggression" on Gaza with hundreds of raids. Read More

How Hamas staged Israel lightning assault no-one thought possible: BBC report

Palestinian groups claim capturing Israeli troops amid tensions
: P
alestinian resistance groups claimed to have captured several Israeli soldiers after Hamas launched an operation against Israel in response to its attacks on al-Aqsa Mosque. "We have captured many Zionist soldiers who are now our prisoners,” Abu Hamza, a spokesman for Saraya al-Quds Brigades, the armed wing of Islamic Jihad group, said in a statement. Read More

Is the Gaza-Israel Fighting “A False Flag”? They Let it Happen? Their Objective Is “to Wipe Gaza Off the Map”?
By Philip Giraldi: I cannot find a link to it, but have a fairly strong recollection of what I read as I thought at the time it would serve as a pretext for another massacre of Palestinians. Read More

“The Greater Israel Project”
by Michel Chossudovsky: “A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties” by Oded Yinon pertaining to the formation of “Greater Israel” constitutes the cornerstone of powerful Zionist factions within the current Netanyahu government,  the Likud party, as well as within the Israeli military and intelligence establishment. Bear in mind: The Greater Israel design is not strictly a Zionist Project for the Middle East, it is an integral part of US foreign policy, its strategic objective is to extend US hegemony as well as fracture and balkanize the Middle East.  In this regard, Washington’s strategy consists in destabilizing and weakening regional economic powers in the Middle East including Turkey and Iran. This policy – which is consistent with the Greater Israel –  is  accompanied by a process of political fragmentation. Read More

US-Israel fail to rally UNSC support on Hamas as Russia urges broader view
The News
The United States was disappointed Sunday after the United Nations Security Council did not unanimously condemn the Hamas attack on Israel, indicating the attack was part of long-unresolved issues with Russia urging to take a broader view of the situation rather than denouncing powerful blow by a Palestinian resistance group. "My message was to stop the fighting immediately and to go to a ceasefire and to meaningful negotiations, which was told for decades" by the Security Council, said Vassily Nebenzia, the Russian ambassador to the United Nations.
"This is partly the result of unresolved issues," he said. Read More

Iran, Iraq top diplomats urge special OIC session on Palestine
ISTANBUL:  The Iranian and Iraqi top diplomats have called for a special session of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to discuss the ongoing developments in Palestine. Their suggestion came in a phone call on Sunday evening, according to the Iranian government. In a statement, the Foreign Ministry said Hossein Amirabdollahian and his Iraqi counterpart Fuad Hussein discussed bilateral relations and the situation in Palestine amid the cessation of hostilities between the Palestinian resistance group Hamas and Israel. The two sides, the statement noted, "emphasized the need for coordination and coherence among Muslim countries in supporting" the Palestinian nation and called for a special session of the OIC on Palestine.
Read More

Palestinian Authority Calls for Emergency Arab League Meeting
Asharq Al Awsat: The Palestinian Authority submitted a memorandum on Sunday calling for an emergency Arab League meeting at the foreign ministerial level, according to WAFA, the Palestinian news agency.
Read More

Surprise Hamas attack on Israel brings back memories of 1973 War
 RAMALLAH: The prominent detail in the Hamas movement's military offensive against Israel on Saturday is the element of surprise that shook Tel Aviv. The attack has prompted Israeli analysts to opine that what happened was more than just an "intelligence collapse." Hamas launched its operation early Saturday, an official holiday in Israel, with no prior indicators hinting a preparations for a large-scale offensive. The resistance initiated its operation by launching a barrage of rockets toward central and southern Israel before fighters infiltrated towns surrounding the Gaza Strip. Read More

Arab & Muslim reaction to Israel-Hamas conflict
Media Reports:
As news of the surprise attack by Hamas on Israel broke around the world,
nations around the world called for restraint and held Israel responsible for the assault. Read More

Türkiye to do its part to stop Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Erdoğan
urkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said Sunday Türkiye is ready to do its part to stop the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict, reduce escalated tensions. President Erdoğan also urged realization of an independent, geographically integrated Palestinian state based on 1967 borders, with Jerusalem as its capital. Read More

Pro-Palestine protests held in countries as Israel bombs Gaza
TRT World
Tens of thou
sands march across many Muslim countries in support of Palestinian resistance groups following Hamas' unprecedented raid on illegal Israeli settlements and towns. Hamas, which governs besieged Gaza, said the attack was driven by what it said were Israel's escalated attacks on Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, occupied Jerusalem and against Palestinians in Israeli prisons. Israel has launched air strikes that have resulted in the killings of over 230 Palestinians and asked Gaza residents to evacuate immediately. Read More

To avoid a new Middle East war, Israeli-Palestinian issue can't be delayed
Global Times
From a deeper perspective, this conflict is not sudden and has a certain inevitability. It once again announces to the world, through bloodshed and loss of life, that if fundamental solutions are not implemented for the Palestinian issue, and if the peace process is not promoted, bloodshed and conflict will recur. This is actually quite evident, but it has long been ignored by Western countries that bear the primary responsibility and influence in the Palestinian issue. Read More

Moscow is watching what is happening around Israel, in Middle East with great concern
Anadolu Agency
Russia said on Monday that the ongoing fighting between Israel and the Gaza-based resistance group Hamas poses “a great danger for the region.”
“We believe that it is necessary to bring this situation into a peaceful direction as soon as possible, because the continuation of such a round of violence, of course, is fraught with further escalation and growth of this conflict. This is a great danger for the region, so we are extremely concerned,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in a press briefing in Moscow. Read More

There is nothing surprising about Hamas’s operation
Somdeep Sen
Nothing about this operation is surprising or unprovoked. Neither is it just the result of gaps in Israeli security measures. It is a response that is to be expected from the Palestinian people, who have faced Israeli settler colonial rule and occupation for decades.
Read More

Israel-Hamas conflict live: Gun battles rage in south Israel, deaths rise
Al Jazeera: Fierce fighting between Palestinian fighters and Israeli forces continues in several areas across southern Israel, a day after Hamas’s surprise attack inside Israel. Meanwhile, Hezbollah claims responsibility for mortar strikes from Lebanon into occupied Shebaa Farms; Israel says it has responded with artillery strikes.The escalation comes as fears of a ground invasion of Gaza are growing after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu threatened to turn the besieged Palestinian enclave into a “deserted island”. Read More

Israel-Hamas conflict: List of key events, day 2 after surprise attack

From hubris to humiliation: The 10 hours that shocked Israel
Marwan Bashara: Hamas’s objectives in the operation are no secret: First, retaliate and punish Israel for its occupation, oppression, illegal settlement, and desecration of Palestinian religious symbols, especially Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem; second, take aim at Arab normalization with Israel that embraces its apartheid regime in the region; and lastly, secure another prisoner exchange in order to get as many Palestinian political prisoners released from Israeli jails as possible.
Read More

American Muslims express solidarity with Palestinians
The United States Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO), the nation’s largest American Muslim civil society umbrella organization,
says the recent unprovoked and continuous attacks by Israel on Palestinian towns, cities, and refugee camps have resulted in tragic loss of Palestinian lives. We condemn Israel’s targeted and indiscriminate killing of civilians, including innocent children, women, and the elderly, and we denounce the inhumane siege imposed on the nearly 2 million inhabitants of Gaza, a clear violation of international law and an implied declaration of open war on the Palestinians which oblige them to be in constant self-defense. Read More

Violent Attack on Turkish Diplomats Following USC Conference on Turkish Foreign Policy
USCMO: The US Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO), strongly condemns the recent attack on Turkish diplomats that occurred following a conference on Turkish foreign policy held at the University of Southern California (USC) Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism last Friday, September 29, 2023. The conference, attended by Ambassador Hasan Murat Mercan and other diplomats and staff, aimed to foster dialogue and understanding on Turkish foreign policy. Read More

Terror attack in Turkish capital Ankara condemned globally
Anadolu Agency: World leaders expressed solidarity with Türkiye and condemned a terror attack foiled by security forces in the capital Ankara on Sunday morning, in which two police officers received minor injuries. At 9.30 a.m. local time (0630 GMT) on Sunday, one of the two terrorists blew himself up in front of the General Directorate of Security in the city. Read More

Hindu Teenager Burns Quran in Chicago, Extremist Links Suspected
: Video which emerged this past week of a Naperville, Illinois area teenager setting a Quran aflame and throwing it on the ground has not only disturbed the local Muslim community but caused many to speculate it exemplifies increasing Islamophobic radicalization within the region’s large Indian-American Hindu community. Local sources strongly suggest that the perpetrator in question is a 16-year-old Indian-American Hindu boy who, two years ago, participated in a mass opposition campaign to the building of a new mosque in the area. Records from Naperville City show his presumed mother similarly expressing opposition to the mosque. Read More

NewsClick Office Sealed, Founder Arrested in India
 by Press Release:
Today, on 3rd October, 2023, raids were carried out by the Special Cell of the Delhi Police at various locations including Newsclick’s officen, residences of journalists and empl
oyees associated with Newsclick. Several persons were questioned, and as of now, our Director Mr. Prabir Purkayastha and one Mr. Amit Chakraborty have been arrested. Read More

Ignorance and Egoistic Leaders Destroying Mankind and the Living Earth
By Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja: If the Russian, American, Ukrainian and NATO’s leaders are honest, proactive and accountable to the global community, they would urgently need new creative strategic thinking to cope with multiple layers of political conflicts and humanitarian crises and to find peaceful and workable solutions away from the entrenched political box of the few global warmongers.
Read More

Saudi-Israel normalisation: The grand illusion
By David Hearst
Israel’s problem has always been with the Palestinians living in historic Palestine and the diaspora, who see Israel as a colonial apartheid regime. No signature of any new treaty will change that.
There will be no peace between any Arab nation and Israel until the Palestinian conflict is ended by Israel agreeing to share sovereignty over the land. And the next time an Israeli leader declares “peace in our time”, I would advise everyone in the vicinity of its warplanes and drones to dive for cover. Read More

The Worldwide Corona Crisis. Global Coup d’État Against Humanity
The COVID-19 crisis is destroying people’s lives. My responsibility as an author is to reveal the truth, break the tide of media disinformation and reach out worldwide to as many people as possible.
We are dealing with an exceedingly complex process. In the course of the last two and a half years, I have analyzed almost on a daily basis the timeline and evolution of the COVID-19 crisis. From the very outset in January 2020, people worldwide were led to believe and accept the existence of a rapidly progressing and dangerous epidemic. Media disinformation was instrumental in sustaining the COVID-19 narrative. At the time of writing, protest movements have erupted in numerous countries. The entire planet is in state of economic and social chaos. A worldwide crisis in food and agriculture is unfolding with famines erupting in all major regions of the world. Read More

The Legacy of the Ottoman Empire, the Future of Türkiye: Turks, Kurds, Arabs
By İhsan Aktaş:
Looking at the issue from our perspective, the imperialists, with two centuries of effort, not only destroyed the Ottoman Empire but also imposed cultural imperialism on our country by preventing the revival of this Empire as a great Türkiye. The British and other elements of the colonial empire knew that the Ottoman Empire, which had ruled over different races and religions for centuries, could not fit into the mold of a nation-state reduced to a single race. Of course, every nation has its own value, but the real power of the Ottoman State came from the Turks, Kurds, and Arabs. The greatest success of cultural imperialism was making Arabs and Turks enemies after World War I.
Read More

The entire world should carefully read this white paper from China
By Global Times
On September 26, China’s State Council Information Office released a white paper titled “A Global Community of Shared Future: China’s Proposals and Actions.” Against the backdrop of the 10th anniversary of President Xi Jinping’s proposal of building a global community of shared future, China has introduced the theoretical base, practice and development of a global community of shared future, and points the way toward a better future for the world. Anyone, be they are developing countries seeking to learn from China or individuals from Western countries who are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of China, will find inspiration in it as long as they approach it without biased views.
Read More

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