November 2023

241 Palestinian killed by Israeli fire in West Bank since October 7
Anadolu Agency
A second Palestinian on Tuesday was killed in Israeli fire near Ramallah, a city in the central occupied West Bank.
A total of 241 Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli forces in the West Bank since Oct. 7 in addition to over 2,850 others injured, according to the West Bank-based Palestinian Health Ministry. Read More

War on Gaza and Pedagogy of the Oppressed
Dr. Mahboob A. Khawaja:
American and West European leaders claimed Israel’s “right to defend itself” but defy the logic of honesty to assert the same right for the people of Palestine. Their irrational doctrine affirms the presumption for Israel to continue the war against an oppressed people for over 16 years in Gaza. Tyranny is always powerless and transitory as Israelis and Palestinians live in fear of mutual annihilation. This could only be transformed into benevolence and justice through a peaceful dialogue and not to tyranny of continued occupation.  Read More

 More than 1 million now taking shelter in UN facilities in Gaza
By Amjad Ayman Yaghi:
  More than 1 million displaced Palestinians are sheltering in 156 UNRWA facilities in the Gaza. Read More

 The Gaza Crisis has Exposed the Bankruptcy of the UN and International Humanitarian Law, Threatening a Rules-Based Order
By Hilal Cibik:
The Gaza crisis serves as a reminder of the limitations of international institutions and the pressing need for reform. It is time to question whether the current framework for maintaining international peace and security is equipped to address protracted conflicts in the 21st century. If the United Nations cannot even establish a reliable international aid corridor for one of the most vulnerable populations in the world, how can we expect them to address more complex global crises effectively?
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Yemen’s Socotra Archipelago: The UAE’s occupation and destruction of a world heritage site
by Mouna Hashem: The UAE claims that its activities constitute long-term development projects under the Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation; their actions, however, infringe on the international legal status of Socotra as a World Heritage Site and its conservation zoning plan. Read More

5th day of Gaza truce
: The Israeli military says 12 more hostages released by Hamas have left Gaza and are now in Israeli territory. The office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the group comprise ten Israeli citizens and two Thais. It is the fifth day of the truce between Israel and Hamas, after a 48-hour extension was agreed yesterday.
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Israel arrests almost as many Palestinians as it has released during truce
Al Jazeera
:  Israel has persisted with arresting dozens of Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem as it conducts a prisoner release with Hamas, the Gaza-based armed group. In the first four days of the ongoing truce between Israel and Hamas, which began on Friday, Israel released 150 Palestinian prisoners – 117 children and 33 women. Hamas released 69 captives – 51 Israelis and 18 people from other nations. Over the same four days, Israel arrested at least 133 Palestinians from East Jerusalem and the West Bank, according to Palestinian prisoner associations.
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1.73 million are now displaced in Gaza
Out of Gaza’s 2.3 million people, 1.73 million are now displaced… 20,030 civilians killed 8,176 children have been killed 4,112 women have been killed 7,000 people remain unaccounted for, including more than 4,700 children 36,350 civilians have been injured
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Three Palestinian students shot in suspected U.S. hate crime
Daly Sabah:
Three young Palestinian students were shot and injured, one critically, in a suspected hate crime near the University of Vermont, U.S., police said Sunday. Police were searching for the suspect after the attack around 6:25 p.m. Saturday near the UVM campus, Burlington Police Chief Jon Murad said in a statement. The three, all age 20, were walking during a visit to the home of one of the victim's relatives when they were confronted by a white man with a handgun, police said. "Without speaking, he discharged at least four rounds from the pistol and is believed to have fled," Murad said. "All three victims were struck, two in their torsos and one in the lower extremities." The victims are of Palestinian descent and two are U.S. citizens and one is a legal resident. Two of the men were wearing the black-and-white Palestinian keffiyeh scarves, Murad added.
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At least 51 journalists have been killed in Gaza since Oct.7
Anadolu Agency: Journalists who were killed in the Israeli attacks on Gaza were remembered on Monday by their colleagues in Brussels. The commemoration event, organized by the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and the National Journalists Union, operating in the UK and Ireland, was attended by European journalists and Palestinian journalists living in Brussels. Speaking to Anadolu, IFJ spokesperson Pamela Moriniere said that at least 58 journalists, including 51 in Gaza, have been killed since the beginning of the conflict on Oct.7.
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‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 50: First Israeli and Palestinian hostages released as Gaza takes stock of devastation
Many of the Palestinians released from Israeli prisons on Friday in the exchange, as well as in recent
weeks, have detailed tortuous tactics and conditions in Israeli custody, reporting that they were stripped naked, beaten, and collectively punished by Israeli forces and prison authorities. The release of 150 Palestinians, as much of a relief as it may be for their families and communities, is a mere drop in the bucket as Israeli forces continue to detain Palestinians every single day, as they have for years.Read More

A ‘temporary ceasefire’ means realizing how much we’ve lost
For the people of Gaza, the four-day truce has only afforded them the chance to fully comprehend what they went through: "Only today have we realized that they’re gone. Only today do we feel death’s presence here." Read More

Genocidal crimes under any pretext are all kosher for the apartheid State of Israel
By Dr. Habib Siddiqui: The leaders of the apartheid state of Israel and their western backers, all with blood in their hands against the indigenous natives in vast territories of Asia, African and the Americas, have tried to portray their genocidal war crimes against the Palestinian people as an inalienable right of self-defense. Can they invoke such a right?  Read More

39 Palestinians were released from Israeli prisons in exchange for 13 Israeli captives freed by Hamas
Al Jazeera:
Israel has released 39 Palestinian prisoners in line with a Qatar-mediated deal that saw 13 Israeli captives freed by Hamas hours earlier. Qadura Fares, who heads the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club NGO, said 33 prisoners freed in the West Bank were handed to a team from the International Committee of the Red Cross. He said the remaining six were released in Jerusalem. Read More

Israel’s war on Gaza: War of ethnic cleansing
By Jamal Kanj:
In the battle of his political life, Benjamin Netanyahu has nothing to lose. He could, however, gain vainglory and self-exaltation by murdering as many Palestinians as possible to satisfy the unquenchable vengeful Israeli culture. A crime catapulted by Western leaders who rallied behind Netanyahu in the aftermath of the prisoners’ revolt against the posts guarding the largest open-air prison on earth. The embrace of Netanyahu by Western leaders has granted the bona fide pathological liar an unchecked authority to carpet-bomb civilian centers, target hospitals, and orchestrate the evacuation of northern Gaza in order to complete the ethnic cleansing of historical Palestine. Read More

Despite the truce, people in Gaza will keep dying – this horrifying death toll must never be forgotten
By Owen Jones
: The devastating human toll in Gaza has been underreported. The health ministry estimates 13,300 dead after six weeks, but independent monitors suggest the civilian death toll may be significantly higher. Read More

Silence on Israeli violations unveils the West as savage, not civilized
Israel's actions bear resemblance to those of the Nazis, and the silent West, endorsing Israel's transgressions, is now regarded as savage rather than civilized. Read More

Muslims worried after Wilders’ victory in Netherlands
Muhsin Köktaş, head of the Contact Body for Muslims and Government (CMO) association, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the Netherlands will not be livable for Muslims if Far-right politician Geert Wilders’ implements his agenda.  Wilders has highlighted that mosques, Islamic schools and the Quran do not belong to the Netherlands, and his victory was a major disappointment for Muslims. “It is worrying for the future of Muslims,” Köktaş said. Read More

Infographics by Anadolu Agency

 ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 49: Four-day truce begins in Gaza after a night of heavy bombardment 
: A window of respite opens on Friday with a hostage swap due to take place in the afternoon, after Israeli forces hit Indonesian hospital and an UNRWA school. Israeli forces kill a 12-year-old Palestinian boy in the occupied West Bank, and settlers continue to harass Palestinian communities. Read More

Israel wants to pull the U.S. into a regional confrontation, but Biden remains reluctant
Israel has larger war aims than Hamas, and is deliberately provoking a regional war to draw the U.S. into the fray. Biden has made halfhearted efforts to cool the situation, but he needs to be bolder in reining Israel in before it's too late. Read More

The genocidal rhetoric of the Israeli leaders is loud and clear
By Habib Siddiqui:  For years, Israeli leaders have advocated ethnic cleansing, euphemistically called “transfer”, with a discourse that portrays Palestinians as a fake people with no history that matters. In 1989, Netanyahu lamented that Israel missed the opportunity presented by global attention on China’s repression of pro-democracy protests in Tiananmen square “to carry out mass expulsions among the Arabs of the (occupied) territories”. Read More

Hamas triggered it, now nothing will be the same
İhsan Aktaş
: While perverse Zionists and Evangelists waited for the Messiah, a handful of Hamas resisters ignited the radical change in the universe. I wish God's mercy to each of our Palestinian martyrs. Their glory will live on as long as the world endures. Read More

While US gradually moves toward becoming Jewish apartheid
İhsan Aktaş: The 'Zionist gang,' which has wrapped the governments of all countries like an octopus, does not allow the rulers of any state to vote with their free will. This is not a sustainable situation for Western Christians. How long will the people of the world remain silent when the Jewish community of 15 million people is destroying the fate of the whole world and dragging humanity into war because of their perverted beliefs?
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Zionism: The ideology of colonization, occupation and murder
By Hakki Ocal
Ideologies often lead to actions that obscure one's original intentions. Excessive zeal can reveal a more aggressive agenda, such as a fervent pursuit of colonization, as seen in the case of Zionism
. Read More

Ours is an Indigenous Struggle: How Gaza United the World
by Dr Ramzy Baroud
: For decades, the struggle for national liberation in Palestine was rightly understood to be part And since national liberation movements were, per definition, the struggle for indigenous people to assert their collective rights for freedom, equality and justice, the Palestinian struggle was positioned as part of this global indigenous movement. and parcel of a global struggle for liberation, mainly in the Global South.  Alas, the collapse of the Soviet Union, the growing dominance of the United States and its allies, the return of Western colonialism in the form of neocolonialism to Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere, have localized many of the indigenous movements’ struggles. 
Read More

Israel’s Genocidal Antisemitism Against the Arab Civilians of Gaza
by Ralph Nader
The Israeli operation precisely fits the Genocide Convention’s definition by “intentionally creating conditions of life calculated to physically destroy a racial, religious, ethnic, or national group in whole or in part.” Netanyahu’s regime further incriminates itself by defining the targets for annihilation as being between 21st-century progress and “the barbaric fanaticism of the Middle Ages” and a “struggle between the children of light and the children of darkness.”
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Israel-Hamas war live: Gaza truce begins after seven weeks of war
Anadolu Agency:
The four-day humanitarian pause between the Israeli army and Hamas came into effect on Friday morning in all areas of the Gaza Strip, temporarily stopping attacks for prisoner exchange and aid.
The pause commenced at 7 a.m. local time (0500GMT). Israel estimates that at least 239 Israelis are being held by Hamas following the cross-border attack by the Palestinian group on Oct. 7. Read More

US Senate candidate offered $20M to run against Palestinian American Rep. Rashida Tlaib
Anadolu Agency
Democratic candidate Hill Harper has said that he was offered $20 million in campaign support by a businessman to drop his Senate bid and challenge American Palestinian Representative Rashida Tlaib in a primary race in the US state of Michigan.
The Politico news website, which initially broke the news citing a source with direct knowledge of the matter, reported that Harper declined the alleged offer from donor Linden Nelson during a call on Oct. 16. Read More

Native Americans express support for Palestinian people, saying US aid to Israel 'must end'
Mahtowin Munro, co-leader of the United American Indians of New England,
"When I look at Gaza, I see two reflections of all the Indigenous people killed in the wave after wave of massacres here in North America, in Congo, in Haiti, in Australia, and Ireland, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, Algeria -- people around the world whose only crime has been to exist and resist settler colonialism." "The Palestinian people need reparations to rebuild. Occupation and settlements must end, US aid to Israel must end. Palestine must be free," Munro told the Native American activists gathering Thursday in the state of Massachusetts to mark the 54th annual National Day of Mourning to honor their ancestors. Later, the crowd, carrying Palestine flags, chanted "Free, Free Palestine.” Read More

How can a new order be established in the Middle East?
By Kadir Üstün
the establishment of a stable Middle East order is impossible without resolving the Israel-Palestine issue. We are leaving behind a period where regional countries pursued their national interests and embarked on the path of normalization with Israel, trying to forget the Palestinian issue under the influence of Washington's suggestions.
Read MoreHouthi Launch Long-Range Missiles Toward Israel in New Attack
On Wednesday, Yemen's Houthi rebels said that they have launched long-range missiles toward Israel, in a new operation to revenge the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip.
"We will continue to carry out more military operations until the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people in Gaza and the West Bank stops," the Houthis said. Read More

Israel’s Gaza “truce”: A pause to reload the guns for the next stage in the genocide against the Palestinians
By Jordan Shilton
: The brief lull in Israel’s savage onslaught on the defenceless civilian population of Gaza is widely being presented as a “ceasefire,” or at least a “humanitarian pause.” Assuming the agreement is fulfilled, which is by no means assured, it will amount to little more than an operational pause in Israel’s military offensive to ethnically cleanse Gaza by carrying out a genocide against the Palestinian people….
The military situation on the ground could also allow Israel to use the pause to prepare the next stage in its genocidal onslaught. As the Wall Street Journal wrote in a Wednesday editorial, the timing of the agreement “isn’t bad for Israel. Having assumed a dominant position in Gaza’s north, it needs to prepare to turn south.” Read More

Israel, Hamas to exchange 1st group of hostages Friday
Daily Sabah:
The temporary pause in hostilities between Israel and Hamas will start at 7 a.m. (05:00 GMT) on Friday and the exchange of the first group of hostages will start at 4 p.m., Qatar's foreign ministry said Thursday. The truce would include a temporary cease-fire in both the north and south of the Gaza Strip, ministry spokesman Majed Al-Ansari told reporters in Doha, adding that Palestinians would also be released from Israeli jails as part of the deal.
The lists of civilians to be released from Gaza had been agreed, Ansari said.
Read More

Escalation in Gaza and the broader Middle East
Süleyman Seyfi Öğün
: The situation in Gaza is escalating, and it seems to be a well-thought-out plan. The issue for Israel goes beyond just aiming to end Hamas; there are indications that they intend to force the eviction of Palestinians from Gaza, completely empty the area, and eventually open it up for Jewish settlements, as per their statements. Gaza is not the final target; they plan to extend this to the West Bank, with extremist leaders, allies of Netanyahu, showing no signs of stopping until they achieve a thorough 'cleansing.' It's a comprehensive operation…. Israel, once done with its 'cleanup' in Gaza, is likely to turn its attention to Syria as the next target. Read More

Israelis and Palestinians: It will be Worse Next Time
By Jeremy Pressman: Israelis and Palestinians have already entered hell. The casualties, the wounded, the hostages, the displacement of people and emptying of communities, the widespread trauma, the fear, the complete disruption of normal life, the intense suffering. But even at this moment we should all remember something: Barring a strategic shift, the recent past suggests the situation will likely get more and more horrific each time.
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The old and new Nakba: Forced expulsion of Palestinians must be rejected
by Dr Ramzy Baroud: It is simply inaccurate to claim that the ongoing Israeli attempt to displace all, or many Palestinian refugees from Gaza to Sinai is a new idea, compelled by recent circumstances. Displacing Palestinians, or as it is known in Israeli political lexicon, the “transfer”, is an old idea — as old as Israel itself. In fact, historically, population “transfer” has been more than an idea, but an actual government policy, with clear mechanisms. Yosef Weitz, director of the Land and Afforestation Department, was entrusted with setting up the Transfer Committee in May 1948 to oversee the expulsion of Palestinian Arabs from their towns and villages.
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Israel, Hamas announce prisoner swap deal
Yeni Safak
: The Israeli government and the Palestinian group Hamas agreed to a prisoner exchange deal early Wednesday. After around six hours of debating, a deal was approved by the Israeli Cabinet under which 50 hostages consisting of children, mothers and elderly women held by Hamas in Gaza will be released in exchange for a cease-fire lasting for four days, the Israeli Broadcasting Authority reported. The pause in fighting would extend an extra day for every 10 additional hostages released by Hamas.
Read More

From London to Paris, Türkiye, Muslim countries seek Gaza cease-fire
Daily Sabah
A delegation comprising foreign ministers from Türkiye, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, Indonesia, Nigeria and Jordan has initiated work for a cease-fire in Gazaas Israel continues to ruthlessly target hospitals, schools and other civilian infrastructure in the blockaded enclave. Read More

Genocide in Gaza: Imperialism descends into the abyss
By David North
:  The following are the remarks delivered by David North, chairperson of the International Editorial Board of the World Socialist Web Site, to a meeting at Birkbeck, University of London on Saturday as part of an international series of lectures on Leon Trotsky and the Struggle for Socialism in the Twenty-First Century. This lecture relates the foundational principles of the International Committee of the Fourth International to the present struggle against the imperialist-Zionist genocide in Gaza. Read More

Gaza death toll surpasses 12,000 amid relentless Israeli assaults
TRT World:
Israel's bombardment and ground invasion of besieged Gaza — now in its 42nd day — kill at least 12,000 Palestinians, including 5,000 of them children and 3,300 women.
Read More

Gaza is the new Srebrenica: Bosnian activist
Yeni Safak
Described by experts and officials as a "crime against humanity" and "genocide," the situation in Gaza draws chilling parallels to historical events like the Srebrenica Genocide and the siege of Sarajevo. To
gain insight into these parallels, Yeni Şafak spoke to Bosnian journalist and activist Refik Hodzic, who, having lost family and friends in the Bosnian genocide, draws connections between Israel's actions in Gaza and the convicted Serbian officials involved in similar crimes. Hodzic emphasizes the differing standards applied to Western countries and others, shedding light on a complex geopolitical landscape. Read More

The Gaza Conflict Opens up New Opportunities for China in the Middle East, Global South
By Shaun Narine:
The western world’s support for Israel as it attacks Gaza has provoked fury across the Arab world and much of the Global South.
This situation undermines the West’s international standing and offers opportunities for China to enhance its regional and global diplomatic influence. Whether and how it will seize them remains to be seen. Read More

The Psychological Consequences of the Trauma of War in Gaza
By Ali Omidi:
It is now important to consider the trauma inflicted on the people of Gaza; they will suffer from it for the rest of their lives, and most people, especially children, will suffer from PTSD. This could seriously jeopardise the future mental health of the Palestinians in the enclave. In this regard, three painful psychological traumas caused by the attacks of the Israeli regime against the people of this region can be mentioned in particular. Read More

Lt. General Richard Clark Confirms a U.S. – Israel Military Agreement”
By Ben Bartee and Prof Michel Chossudovsky
Ben Bartee confirms in the article below, quoting Lt General Richard Clark that: Americans Troops are “prepared to die for the Jewish State”. What should be understood by this statement is that the US and Israel have a longstanding Military “Partnership”  as well as a “Signed” Military Agreement” (classified) regarding Israel’s attack on Gaza. Our analysis confirms that the U.S. is pulling the strings Lt. General Richard Clark is U.S. Third Air Force Commander, among the highest-ranking military officers in the U.S. Armed Forces. Read More

From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free. From the sea to the river, Palestine will live forever.
BY PALESTINIAN YOUTH MOVEMENT: For over 75 years, the Zionist project has aimed to destroy and eliminate the Palestinian people. And for 75 years, the Palestinian people have continued to maintain their presence and struggle to stay on and return to their lands. “From the River to the Sea” is not merely a slogan—it is an undying promise. Each day, the Palestinian revolution grows stronger, the calls for freedom are louder, and we are one day closer to total liberation: from the river to the sea. Read More

Health official says Israel ‘sentencing Al-Shifa hospital to death’ as doctors dig mass grave
Gaza’s hospitals are lacking sufficient food and water, thousands of displaced people are reported to have sought shelter in them. Gaza health official: “[Israel] is sentencing everyone inside Al-Shifa hospital to death.” Al-Shifa Hospital medical staff and volunteers dug a mass grave to bury 170 bodies that started to decompose as mortuary refrigeration lost electricity. Al-Amal Hospital’s sole power generator stopped working in Khan Yunis, south of Gaza Strip, putting the lives of hundreds of patients and injured at risk of death. 3,250 people reportedly still missing or under the rubble, including 1,700 children, according to Gaza Ministry of Health. Israeli forces storm hospital in the West Bank and fired tear gas at another. Eight Palestinians killed in the past 24 hours in Tulkarm and Hebron. Read More

US, Israeli lies about “command center” at Al-Shifa hospital fall apart
by Andre Damon
: On Wednesday, the IDF posted a video showing a half-dozen assault rifles, two flak jackets, and a computer which it claims were hidden behind an MRI machine at Al-Shifa. There was no attempt to explain why an MRI machine, with its powerful magnetic field, did not cause the weapons to fly across the room when it was in operation. Israel’s “evidence” was so flimsy that even the US government was not shameless enough to back it.
Read More

Probe Shows 126+ Civilians Killed by Israeli Airstrike Targeting ‘Just One Guy’
by Jessica Corbett
Israel’s war on Gaza has killed more than 11,000 Palestinians, including over 100 civilian victims of a single Israeli bombing in the densely populated Jabalia refugee camp on October 31 who were publicly identified on Thursday by the U.K.-based watchdog Airwars. Read More

CODEPINK Launches International Campaign Urging ICC Investigation into Israel’s War Crimes in Gaza
:  In the wake of alarming statements by Israeli officials, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, which have been perceived as incitement to genocide in Palestine, CODEPINK and its international partners are spearheading a global letter-writing initiative calling for an investigation by the International Criminal Court (ICC) into Israel’s actions in Gaza.
Read More

Amid Israeli war on Gaza, Iran blocks IAEA nuclear inspectors
On Wednesday, IAEA officials complained that Iran was refusing to certify several of its inspectors, including French and German citizens, while continuing to produce highly enriched uranium. The Iranian government withdrew the inspectors’ accreditation as retaliation for what it called “political abuses” by the US, British, French and German governments.
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The Occupied West Bank: The Other Front
Al Jazeera
: Since Israel began its bombardment of the Gaza Strip on October 7, 2023, violence has also surged in the occupied West Bank to unprecedented levels. More than 2,000 Palestinians have been arrested and almost 200 have been killed in the last month alone. Scores more have been arrested, beaten and tortured, fueling concerns that this could erupt into a second front as Israel pushes on in their stated objective to access and control Palestinian territory.
Read More

'Israel is a Terrorist State': Turkish President Erdogan
Telesure; "I openly say that Israel is a terrorist state. Others say that Hamas is a terrorist organization. Hamas participated in the elections and won in Palestine. Israel and the United States stole their rights afterwards," the Turkish leader said at a parliamentary group meeting of his ruling Justice and Development Party in Ankara. He accused Israel of breaking the first rule of the laws of war, under which children, women, the elderly and the sick should not be harmed. Read More

Biden: Israel’s Gaza operation will end when Hamas no longer able to murder Israelis
Times of Israel:  In a televised press conference following his long-anticipated meeting with China’s Xi Jinping, US President Joe Biden said Israel’s operation in Gaza, following the shock Hamas massacres in southern Israeli communities last month, “will end when Hamas no longer maintains the capacity to murder, abuse, and do horrific things to the Israelis.” Read More

Why the US needs this war in Gaza?
By Pepe Escobar
The Roar of the Street is getting louder – demanding that the Biden administration, now seen as complicit with Tel Aviv, halt the Israeli genocide that may lead to a World War. But Washington will not comply. Wars in Europe and West Asia may be its last chance (it will lose) to subvert the emergence of a prosperous, connected, peaceful Eurasia Century. Read More

Israel drops leaflets warning civilians of wider attacks in S. Gaza
Daily Sabah
: I
srael, signaling a possible expansion of operations in Gaza's south, dropped leaflets warning Palestinians to flee, residents reported Thursday, pressuring hundreds of thousands of people crowded into U.N.-run shelters and family homes who had already heeded earlier evacuation orders issued in the north.
If Israeli troops move south, it is not clear where Gaza’s population can flee, as Egypt refuses to allow a mass transfer onto its soil. Read More

‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 40: Israeli forces storm Al-Shifa Hospital, strip-naked and arrest people inside
Mondoweis: Israeli forces took dozens of Palestinians captive inside Al-Shifa and bombed their way into floors and rooms. The Palestinian health minister warned of a massacre to be committed in the complex. As of November 14, Israel killed 11,255 including 4,630 children, and 29,000 wounded. 196 Palestinians were killed in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem.
Read More

The censure of Rashida Tlaib, the Creole uprising, and the American Civil War
By Tom MacKaman
: Congress’ November 7 censure of Rep. Rashida Tlaib for her condemnation of Israel’s genocide against the Palestinians of Gaza—in a motion championed by none other than the fascist congresswoman from Georgia, Marjorie Taylor Greene—is a milestone in the decline of American democracy. Twenty-two Democrats joined the entire Republican delegation to denounce Tlaib. The facts of the genocide are not in dispute. It is being broadcast live, for all the world to see. High-ranking Israeli figures call Palestinians “animals,” demand the nuclear annihilation of Gaza, and invoke a new “Nakba” of forced dispossession for its 2 million residents, among other blood curdling statements. But, of course, Tlaib was not censured because of the facts. Her offense is that she dared to express sympathy for the Palestinians, a sentiment which runs counter to the aims of American imperialism. Read More

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