Morocco World News October 30, 2023

Palestinian death toll soars to 8,306 as Israel intensifies its war on Gaza

At least 3,457 children and 2,136 women have been killed since Israel launched its murderous and increasingly genocidal Gaza campaign.

Safaa Kasraoui

Oct. 30, 2023 2:22 p.m.

Rabat - The Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza said that the Palestinian death toll from Israeli occupation aggression has jumped to 8,306.

The number of Palestinians massacred since Israel launched its genocidal Gaza campaign includes 3,457 children and 2,136 women, the ministry detailed.

Ashraf al-Qudra, the health ministry’s spokesperson, said in a press conference in Gaza today that over 21,048 people have been injured in the merciless, indiscriminate Israeli bombardment of civilian infrastructure in the besieged Palestinian enclave.

 According to converging reports, civilians are being deliberately killed in Gaza as the situation worsens because of the weak health system in the besieged and relentlessly shelled territory.

Al-Qudra said that 25 hospitals were forced out of service, while 25 ambulances were targeted by Israeli airstrikes in Gaza.

The spokesman said that such violent attacks are in line with the Israeli occupation’s deliberate aims to paralyze ambulance services.

Live updates on Al Jazeera said today that Palestinians in Gaza City have reported receiving threats by the Israeli army, who told them to evacuate as bombing continues.

Concerns are also mounting as Israel ordered immediate evacuation of the Al Quds hospital in Gaza.

Gaza is not the only Palestinian territory that has seen a surge in Israel’s aggression and violations of international law. Deadly Israeli aggression also continues in the occupied West Bank, where over 119 Palestinians have been killed since October 7, Al Jazeera reported.

The situation comes amid mounting frustration around the world, with hundreds of thousands taking to the streets in many countries to call on their respective governments and on the international community to act towards ending the killing of innocent children and defenseless civilians in Palestine.  

In particular, America's support for Israel’s aggressive and murderous Gaza campaign has caused growing concern around the world. 

In response to increasing criticism of the US’ blind support for the Israeli government’s war on Palestinians, US Vice President Kamala Harris said that the US is not “telling Israel what to do.”

Harris made her remarks during an interview with CBS on Sunday, claiming that the US is only providing advice, equipment, and diplomatic support to Israel.

Asia Times – October 31, 2023

Israel launches a surprisingly calibrated invasion

Israel shies from full ground assault while concentrating aerial attacks on Hamas’ extensive underground tunnel network


Israel’s “second phase” of its war against Hamas consists of small unit attacks just inside the northern Gaza Strip border, accompanied by continual aerial bombing and artillery fire targeting the interior of the enclave.

One reason for the air strikes is to make sure Hamas doesn’t emerge from the war intact, a NATO general said.

“The air force is used because not all objectives are achievable with targeted ground operations. And because, at this moment, only the air force can carry out the IDF’s main aim: to strike the large network of underground tunnels,” declared the general, who spoke anonymously.

Israel’s continual bombing of the north Gaza Strip and shelling in Gaza is designed to kill, or at least dissuade, Hamas guerrillas from using an extensive tunnel network to ambush Israeli soldiers.

From the air, breaking into Hamas’ tunnel system should not be difficult, the NATO official said. “The bombs must go deep and explode underground. There are two types. For instance, one type is simple, enters at a certain depth with a delayed explosion that explodes underground,” he explained.

Israel has added an armed element that is needed to undo perhaps the most unexpected facet of Hamas’ October 7 surprise invasion: the taking of Israeli and other nations’ citizens as hostages.

It has dispatched commando units to rescue them. The use of special units to scour Gaza for the hostages answers domestic and international pressures, especially from relatives and friends of the missing, to free the hostages alive.

Late Monday, in an apparent first success of the effort to liberate hostages, Israel announced that one captive female soldier had been rescued by a military unit. Israeli officials say there are 238 others still in captivity.

It is unclear whether Israel’s current tactics stem from a long-standing invasion strategy or were devised this month in response to Hamas’ surprise raid. Some 300,000 Israeli troops were quickly gathered outside Gaza’s borders and it appeared that the force would invade quickly and massively.

Countercurrent – October 30, 2023

Horrendous Death Ratios, Child Deaths & Palestinian Genocide
Demand Immediate Cessation Of Gaza Massacre

Dr Gideon Polya

The October  7, 2023 breakout of Palestinian fighters from the Gaza Concentration Camp was apparently aimed at capturing Israeli hostages to be exchanged for 10,000 Palestinian prisoners held by Apartheid Israel. The response of Apartheid Israel to 1,400 mostly military Israeli deaths has been disproportionately huge so far with about 10,000 Palestinians killed, Gaza devastated, 1 million homeless, and a catastrophe looming  due to Israeli bans on water, food, fuel, and medical requisites.     

Apartheid Israel’s third major ethnic cleansing of Palestinians after the 1948 Nakba and the 1967 Nakba is underway in the Gaza Concentration Camp, with Israel also bombing Lebanon and Syria, and the US bombing Syria and Iraq and threatening Iran. The excuse for genocide  in Gaza has been alleged child-killing terrorism as hysterically purveyed by mendacious, racist and Zionist-subverted Western media. Yet  the 7 October Gaza outbreak was evidently permitted by world-leading Israeli and US intelligence, with 84.2%  of the 1,400 Israeli dead being 18-39 year old soldiers, conscripts and reservists, 15.8% under 18 and 40 and over, and 2.5% children.

The core ethos of Humanity is Kindness and Truth yet this is grossly and regularly violated by neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel and by pro-Apartheid Israel and hence pro-Apartheid America with Genocidal Violence and Orwellian Mendacity that turns Truth on its head. The US has always been at war and has always needed excuses for war dressed up as Liberty and Freedom by the Yellow Press, but after nearly 250 years  of American Wars and Lying [1, 2] the excuses are sounding extremely hollow. Similarly, a century of Zionist-imposed Palestinian Genocide and 75 years of ethnic cleansing  of Palestine by neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel [3] has been enabled by the racism and mendacity of Western Mainstream media (MSM).

As summarized  below, careful analysis exposes the massive US and Israeli lying behind  the present horrific and genocidal Gaza Massacre by US Alliance-backed Apartheid Israel.

(1). Asserted “intelligence failure” enabled America’s 9/11 atrocity in September 2001 and “Israel’s 9/11” in October 2023 as false excuses for genocidal war.

The US is a horrendous serial invader of other countries. Apart from inevitable border spats, most countries in the world have not invaded other countries. Costa Rica does not even have an army. In stark contrast, the US has invaded 72 countries (52 since WW2 and many repeatedly) [4-8], has committed 469 invasions from 1798 onwards [9, 10], committed 251 invasions since 1991 [9, 10], and has 800 military bases in over 70 countries [11].

However America “wants its cake and to eat it too” and accordingly endlessly attempts to ”justify”  its bloody invasion and devastation of other countries. Thus by way of some very big examples, (a) the American War of Independence enabled genocide of the Indigenous Indians but was “justified” on the basis of freedom, liberty and “no taxation without representation”; (b) the American Civil War was ostensibly about abolition of slavery but was actually about  Northern industrial and commercial hegemony; (c) the US seizure of California, New Mexico and Texas from Mexico was  “justified” by “remember the Alamo” (a minor US defeat); (d) the Spanish-American  War that secured the Philippines and Cuba for the US and US hegemony over Latin America was “justified” by the mysterious explosive destruction of the USS Maine in Havana Harbor; (e)  the war-winning US entry into  WW1 (that set up WW2, the WW2 Jewish Holocaust, the WW2 Soviet Holocaust, and post-WW2 US global hegemony) was “justified” by the sinking of the arms-carrying Lusitania;  (f) the war-winning US entry into  WW2 and destruction of the Japanese Empire was enabled politically by the “failure” of US intelligence that permitted the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor; (g) the Korean War was about Korean communists invading their own country (but was actually an unsuccessful attempt to “justify” a nuclear destruction of China and Russia); (h) the Indo-Chins War was assertedly started by Vietnamese patrol boats supposedly approaching the might of the US Navy (the Gulf of Tonkin incident); and (i)  the 9/11 atrocity that killed about 3,000 innocent Americans clearly involved the US Government with Israeli complicity  and was used as the casus belli (excuse for war) for the US War on Terror that killed over 30 million Muslims by violence and deprivation in 20 countries from Africa to South East Asia [12-16 ].

Nearly 250 years of endless US war atrocities have been enabled by massive lying to cover the paradox of an ostensibly “democratic” America  inflicting endless and  horrendous  war on Humanity while being  founded on its Constitution’s “all men are created equal” and fervently adhering to Christianity with its core message “of love thy neighbour as thyself”.  The solution to the paradox has been succinctly provided by famed anti-racist Jewish American journalist I.F. Stone (“The Hidden History of the Korean War”): “Governments lie”, and by famed American writer and historian Gore Vidal: “Unlike most Americans who lie all the time, I hate lying. And here I am surrounded with these hills [in Hollywood] full of liars — some very talented” [17-19].  Professors Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky in their seminal book “Manufacturing Dissent”  described in detail how American  Mainstream media lie for the US Government [20]. Lying is entrenched in Western Mainstream media (MSM) [21, 22].

While the core ethos of Humanity is Kindness and Truth, Zionism (the profoundly racist ideology behind Apartheid Israel) involves egregious theft, genocidal racism and egregious lying (for detailed and documented analyses see [3, 22-32]). Zionism is genocidal racism and Nazism without gas chambers but with neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel having 90 nuclear weapons, and  a huge military, intelligence, surveillance and high technology war industry complement that is among the  biggest in the world on a per capita basis and in absolute terms in some key areas [33].

In Gaza 17,000 impoverished Occupied Palestinian fighters essentially armed only with automatic weapons and imprisoned without charge or trial in the Gaza Concentration Camp from birth, are facing a huge  high technology Israeli army, navy and air force totalling  160,000 regulars plus 465,000 reservists that costs Apartheid Israel $17 billion annually and  that is  subsidized by neo-Nazi pro-Apartheid America at $3.8 billion each year. In contrast in 2020 the per capita GDP for Gaza was $1,049, about 4 times lower than that in the impoverished West Bank or Jordan [], and corresponding to a total GDP of a mere $2.3 billion. Gaza has been subject to blockade as well as bombing for 16 years. In contrast the per capita GDP is $3,500 for the whole Occupied Palestinian Territory  and $55,500 for Israel [35]. Neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel ranks #1 in the World for per capita military expenditure , #2 for regulars per capita, and #2 for reservists per capita (noting that the per capita here is based on the Jewish Israeli population of neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel) [33].

Imposed egregious poverty kills and about 4,000 Occupied Palestinians die avoidably from Israeli-imposed deprivation each year [7]. The Occupier of Palestine, neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel, is grossly violating  Articles 55 and 56 of the Fourth Geneva Convention (the Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War) that unequivocally state that an Occupier must provide its conquered Subjects with life-sustaining food, water and medical services “to the fullest extent of the means available to  it”  [34].

This was the situation in Gaza in 2022 as reported by UNWRA (the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East ): “Looking back at the last 15 years of blockadeand repeated cycles of violence bringing death and destruction in their wake, Gaza has experienced momentous de-development, severely impacting normal daily life for all residents and restricting their basic human rights. The statistics are staggering. Today, 81.5 per cent of individual in Gaza, 71 per cent of whom are Palestine refugees, live below the national poverty line. Sixty-four percent are food insecure.  The unemployment rate in 2021 stood at 47 per cent, with the overall youth unemployment rate at 64 per cent. In 2020, the per capita GDP stood at US$ 1,049, which is four times lower than in the West Bank and Jordan. As a consequence, today, 80 per cent of the population depends on humanitarian assistance. Among them are 1.1 million Palestine refugees receiving food assistance from UNRWA, up from just 80,000 in 2000. That is a shocking 1,324 per cent increase!   Between 2007 and 2022, 292 of the water wells in Gaza used for both domestic consumption and farmlands were damaged or destroyed by Israeli Security Forces. Eighty-one percent of water extracted from Gaza aquifers does not meet WHO water quality. While the economic consequences are obvious and disastrous, this is not just about economics; there is also a tremendous societal cost that is seeing the social fabric of Palestinians lives in Gaza unravel and the mental health of its residents, particularly children and youth, decline at an alarming rate”  [35].

The current siege of Gaza by neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel is associated with a war criminal ban on food, water, electricity, medical supplies, and fuel (crucial for running hospitals and desalination plants). After over 2 weeks of siege and high explosive bombing only a paltry trickle of aid was permitted to enter the Gaza Concentration Camp (the world’s biggest open air prison) by neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel.

Both Donald Trump (former Republican US president) and Al Gore ( former Democrat US vice-president) have trenchantly criticised the intelligence failure that enabled the 9/11 atrocity. Thus Donald Trump: “They knew an attack was coming. George Tenet, the CIA director, knew in advance that there would be an attack. And he said so to the president, and he said so to everybody else that would listen”,  and Al Gore: “These affirmative and repeated refusals to listen to clear warnings [prior to 9-11] constitute behaviour that goes beyond simple negligence. At a minimum, it represents a reckless disregard for the safety of the American people [and at a maximum?]” [13]. The US and Apartheid Israel have 2 of the top intelligence systems in the world. While it is not yet proven that Apartheid Israel was involved in the 9/11 atrocity (although there is plenty of circumstantial evidence indicating this [13]), it is extremely unlikely that the Israelis were not aware of the impending atrocity that was of immense strategic benefit to Apartheid Israel [13].

Similarly, numerous expert analysts from outside and inside Apartheid Israel have expressed amazement that Apartheid Israel with one of the best intelligence and surveillance systems in the world was not aware of the impending breakout from the Gaza Concentration Camp on 7 October 2023 [41-46]. Anti-racist Jewish Australian writer, Antony Loewenstein, has recently published an important book  “The Palestine Laboratory. How Israel exports the technology of occupation to the world” that describes the high degree of high technology surveillance of Occupied Palestinians – Chapter 3, “Preventing an Outbreak of Peace”,commences with a description of horribly sophisticated electronic targeting of Palestinians so that according to an Israeli operative “Killing or injuring Palestinians should be as easy as ordering a pizza” (p61 [39]). Eminent writer and US commentator, Dr Paul Craig Roberts, commenting on the apparent extraordinary surveillance, intelligence and military failure leading to ready Palestinian destruction of the high-technology fence surrounding the Gaza Concentration Camp: “Everything points tomassive fraud and criminality by Netanyahu and his IDF-Mossad apparatus” [46].

The bottom line is that as frankly stated by genocidally racist Zionist leaders over the last 140 years, settler-colonialist Zionism wants the Land of Palestine (and indeed more) but not the Indigenous inhabitants  [47]. However a large body of anti-racist Jewish and non-Jewish writers and leaders have condemned the genocidal program of the Zionists and Apartheid Israel [47-58].

(2). Hostages – Hamas reportedly has about 230  Israeli hostages, whereas  neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel has jailed 10,000 Palestinians and imprisoned the now 5.6 million Occupied  Palestinians under highly abusive military rule for 56 years.

Presently over 10,000 Palestinians are imprisoned by Apartheid Israel. Prior to the 7 October 2023 Palestinian breakout from the Gaza Concentration Camp there were 5,200 Palestinians in Israeli custody. Since then Apartheid  Israel has arrested some 4,000 labourers from Gaza who were working in Israel. It has also arrested 1,070 other Palestinians in the Occupied West Bank. Those detained are subject violence and deprivation [59].

 These 10,000 Palestinian hostages are highly abusively confined to high security military prisons (prisoners in prisons within the vastly larger prison of the Occupied Palestinian Territory holding 5.6 million Occupied Palestinians without  human rights and subject to  egregious IDF and settler  violence.

The 2.3 million Occupied Palestinians in the devastated, besieged and bombed  Gaza Concentration Camp are deprived of human rights and safety, and subject to a ban on water, food, medicine, and medical help, with 1 million now being homeless. The 3.3 million Occupied Palestinians in the West Bank (including illegally annexed East Jerusalem) are deprived of human rights and safety, and subject to military and settler violence, home demolition, deprivation, and ethnic cleansing [3]. Unlike 5.6 million Occupied Palestinians, the 2 million  “lucky Israeli Palestinians  can vote for the government ruling  them albeit as Third Class citizens under 60 Nazi-style, race-based and discriminatory laws [60-62].

Despite a century of Palestinian Genocide, Occupied Palestinians and Israeli Palestinians represent 51% of the Subjects of Apartheid Israel (Jewish Israelis only 47%) but are all subject to threat of total ethnic cleansing as appallingly and explicitly articulated by Zionist leaders for 140 years [63]. Thus serial war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu, present Prime Minister of neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel, stated (1989): “Israel should have exploited the repression of the demonstrations in China, when world attention focused on that country, to carry out mass expulsions among the Arabs of the territories” [63].

These realities are largely or totally ignored in the “terror hysteria” of the pathologically mendacious, Zionist-subverted, Zionist-perverted, anti-Arab anti-Semitic, genocidally racist and  neo-Nazi Western Mainstream media. In contrast, the kidnap of about 230 Israeli hostages by Gaza Palestinian fighters  on 7 October 2023 is major continuing news in genocidally racist and anti-Arab anti-Semitic Western media.  

The heroic suicidal outbreak of Palestinian fighters from the Gaza Concentration Camp on 7 October was evidently aimed at gaining hostages that could be traded for the 10,000 Palestinian hostages held by neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel. Indeed according to the decent UK Guardian: “The leader of Hamas in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar, said on Saturday the group was ready for an immediate swap of all Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails in return for Israeli captives in Gaza” [64].

(3). Occupied Palestinian/Occupier Israeli combatant reprisals Death Ratio of 8.0 (30/10/2023) versus the Occupied/Occupier combatant Death Ratio of 10 ordered by Hitler in 1944.

The progressive Israeli newspaper Haaretz has published images and other details of 902 so far of the 1,400 Israeli residents killed in the incursion into Israel of Palestinian fighters in the recent shocking violence [65, 66]. Of these, 14 were Thai workers and 10 Nepali students, leaving a total of 878 killed Israelis in this initial data release. Careful analysis of the photographs and the age data provided enables one to estimate  that of the 1,400 dead, Israelis  97.5% (1,365) were adults, 84.2% (1,179) were 18-39 years old (i.e. were Israeli military, conscripts  or reservists), and 15.8% (221) were under 18 or 40 and older, with  this including  2.5% (35) who were aged under 18. 1,500 Palestinian fighters were killed in Israel during the break-out from the Gaza Concentration Camp. This quantitative data belies the deluge of hysterical Israeli, US and Western propaganda for war and genocide.

In stark contrast, of the 2.3 million Palestinians in Gaza,  99.36 % (2,283,000) are non-combatants,  0.74% (17,000) are  combatants, and so far 8,000 have been killed by bombing in Gaza (as of 30/10/2023) [64]. The Occupied/ Occupier combatant reprisals Death Ratio is (8,000 + 1,500) /1,179 = 8.0 (as of 30 October 2023), similar to the reprisals Death Ratio of 10  ordered by Nazi leader Adolph Hitler in 1944 and immediately carried out by the Nazi Germans in the Ardeatine Massacre in Rome (335 Italians killed in reprisals for about 30 German killed in a Partisan ambush) [67]. 

Deaths are set to escalate appallingly with mass death from deprivation in besieged Gaza. Thus, for example,  humans die after several days without water, but in response to the breakout from the Gaza Concentration Camp neo-Nazi Apartheid applied bans on water, food, medicine, electricity and fuel to Gaza (electricity and fuel are needed to run remaining hospitals and to run desalination plans for potable water). The killing must stop immediately by application of a ceasefire as demanded by a UNGA Resolution supported by 120 decent countries [68].

The horrendously disproportionate deadly Israeli response  to the Gaza Breakout can be described in terms of Death Ratios as exampled below:

(a). So far about 8,000 Palestinians have been killed by bombing [64]  and 1,500 Palestinian fighters were killed in Israel, this indicating an  Occupied/ Occupier combatant reprisals Death Ratio = (8,000 + 1,500)/ 1,179 = 8.0 (as of 30 October 2023).

(b).So far about 3,000 Palestinian children have been killed in the Gaza bombing and about 1,000 are buried under rubble [64, 69].  Occupied Palestinian children killed/Occupier Israeli children killed = (3,000 + 1,000 under rubble)/ 35 Israeli children killed = 114 [69].

(c).Apartheid Israel has promised to “annihilate” Hamas (16,000 fighters) and Islamic Jihad (1,000 fighters) and this promises an Occupied/Occupier combatant reprisals Death Ratio of 17,000 Palestinians  /1,179 Israeli military killed = 14.4, greater than that of 10 ordered by Nazi mass murderer Adolph Hitler in 1944 and immediately carried out in the Ardeatine Cave Massacre. Nazi is as Nazi does, and neo-Nazi is as neo-Nazi does. 70% of the Gazans are women and children.

(d). The average Occupied Palestinian/Occupier Israeli  reprisals Death Ratio for 1 January 2008 – September 2023 was  6,407/308= 20.8 [70-72] which predicts 20.8 x 1,400 = 29,000 Palestinian deaths in the present atrocity.

(e). Humans can only survive without water for a few days  [73] and 3 weeks ago neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel immediately cut water, food, fuel, and electricity (for hospitals and water desalination) to Gaza. Half the Gaza population of 2.3 million are already homeless and many Gaza hospitals  have closed. Hospitals have run out of bandages for burns and anaesthetics for surgery. 500 trucks went into Gaza daily prior to 7 October but only a trickle was permitted in the last week with only 20 trucks per day presently permitted by the genocidal Israelis. If, as  is conceivable, 1 million Gazans die in this worsening catastrophe then the Occupied/ Occupier reprisals Death Ratio will be 1,000,000/ 1,400 = 714 , 71 times greater than the 10 ordered by Nazi leader Adolph Hitler [67].

(f). The worst case boundary condition would be Israeli extermination of all 2.3 million Palestinians in the Gaza Concentration Camp , this yielding a reprisals Death Ratio of 2.3 million/1,400 = 1,643 or 164 times greater  than the 10 ordered by Nazi leader Adolph Hitler [67].

(g). This year has marked the centenary of the British acquisition of the Palestine Mandate in 1923, this enabling them to implement the racist promise made in the utterly despicable 1917 Balfour Declaration of making Palestine, the home of Palestinians for millennia, a Homeland for Jewish colonizers. Palestinian deaths from violence since circa 1920 totalled about 0.1 million [53] and avoidable deaths from imposed deprivation totalled about 2 million [7]. Total Jewish casualties in the  Arab-Israeli conflict 1860 – 2021 have totalled 24,981 [77]  for an overall pre-2023  Occupied / Occupier Death Ratio of 2.1 million/ 24,981 = 84, vastly greater than the 10 ordered by Nazi leader Adolph Hitler [67].    

Final comments and conclusions

The 7 October 2023 breakout by Palestinian fighters from the Gaza Concentration Camp was evidently designed to seize Israeli hostages to be exchanged for 10,000 Palestinians in Israeli military prisoners. Indeed 84.2% (1,179) of the 1,400 Israeli dead were 18-39 years old (i.e. were Israeli military, conscripts  or reservists),  2.5% were children, and 1,500 Palestinian fighters were killed in Israel, this belying the deluge of hysterical and deadly anti-Arab anti-Semitic Israeli, US and Western propaganda for war and genocide. Indeed the average Occupied Palestinian/ Israeli Occupier reprisals Death Ratio over the last 15 years was 20.8, this predicting 20.8 x 1,400 = 29,000 Palestinian deaths in the present Israeli atrocity. Neo-Nazi is as neo-Nazi does.

The Israeli denial to the Gaza Palestinians of water, food, medicine, medical help, electricity and fuel (required for hospitals and desalination plants) will kill unimaginably huge numbers of people in an ever-worsening Palestinian Genocide for which genocidally racist,  neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel and its US Alliance backers will be held responsible forever by a shocked World. Already after 3 weeks of Israeli mass killing, the number of dead Palestinian children in Gaza is over 100 times greater than the number of Israeli children tragically killed on 7 October. This atrocity already makes neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel in Gaza in 2023 the worst country in the world by a factor of  25 for killing children per million of victim territory  population [75].

Killing people is wrong period, but also wrong because violence begets violence. My endlessly repeated mantra is “Peace is the only way but silence kills and silence is complicity”. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Charter accept that  subjugated people will rise up against  tyranny, and all of the 1,500 Palestinian fighters who were killed in Israel had suffered egregious violation of human rights by neo-Nazi occupier Apartheid Israel from the day they were born. However their action predictably lead to a horrendously disproportionate and genocidal response by neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel that has shocked the civilized world if not the genocidally racist and neo-Nazi US Alliance. . 

120 decent members of  the UN General Assembly has overwhelmingly voted  for an immediate cessation of the killing, but this was opposed  by Apartheid Israel , the US and 12 other countries (the No voters including 8 countries involved in genocide in living memory), and with  45 unprincipled countries (including  many members of the war criminal US Alliance) abstaining [68]. The horrendous and ongoing Palestinian Genocide by neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel in the Gaza Concentration Camp has divided the world into 2 groups intra-nationally and internationally, those that oppose mass murder and genocide by neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel (notably the serial war criminal US Alliance) and those that don’t.

 Decent people around the world will urgently respond to this ongoing and shocking atrocity by (a) informing everyone they can, and (b) by urging and applying Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel and all people, politicians, parties, collectives, companies and countries supporting this nuclear terrorist, serial war criminal, genocidally racist, grossly human rights violating, child-killing, women-violating, anti-democracy, neo-Nazi and Apartheid rogue state.


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Dr Gideon Polya taught science students at La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia over 4 decades. He published some 130 works in a 5 decade scientific career, notably a huge pharmacological reference text “Biochemical Targets of Plant Bioactive Compounds”. He has also published “Body Count. Global avoidable mortality since 1950” (2007, 2022) and “Jane Austen and the Black Hole of British History” (1998, 2008, 2023). He has recently published “US-imposed Post-9-11 Muslim Holocaust & Muslim Genocide” (2020), and “Climate Crisis, Climate Genocide & Solutions” (2020), and contributed to Soren Korsgaard (editor) “The Most Dangerous Book Ever Published – Dangerous Deception Exposed!” (2020). For images of Gideon Polya’s huge paintings for the Planet, Peace, Mother and Child see:ᅠ . 

Information Clearing House – October 30, 2023

Nakba 2.0 Revives the Neocon Wars

The Israel vs. Arab Children War is veering totally out of control, writes Pepe Escobar.

By Pepe Escobar

The Israel vs. Arab Children War, which doubles as the Hegemon vs. Axis of Resistance War, both a sub-branch of the NATO vs. Russia and NATO vs. China War, is veering totally out of control.

By now it’s firmly established that with China brokering peace all across West Asia, and Russia-China going all out on BRICS 11, complete with facilitating energy trade settlements outside the U.S. dollar, The Empire Strikes Back would be totally predictable:

Let’s set West Asia on fire

The immediate goal of Straussian neocon psychos and their silos across the Beltway is to go for Syria, Lebanon – and ultimately Iran.

That’s what explains the presence in the Central and Eastern Mediterranean of a fleet of at least 73 U.S./NATO warships – ranging from two American aircraft carrier groups to 30+ ships from 14 NATO members involved in the ongoing Dynamic Mariner war games off the coast of Italy.

That’s the largest concentration of U.S./NATO warships since the 1970s.

Anyone believing this fleet is being assembled to “assist” Israel in its Final Solution project of imposing Nakba 2.0 on Gaza must read some Lewis Carroll. The shadow war already in play aims to smash all the Axis of Resistance nodes in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq – with Iran kept as the culminating piece de resistance.

Any military analyst with an IQ over room temperature knows all those expensive American iron bathtubs are destined to become sub-oceanic coral reef design – especially if visited by hypersonic missiles.

Of course, this could all be just your average American Power Projection/Deterrence Show. The main actors – Iran and Russia – are not impressed. All it takes is a backward glance over the shoulders at what a bunch of mountain goat herders with fake Kalashnikovs did to NATO in Afghanistan.

Moreover, the Hegemon would need to rely on a serious network of bases on the ground if it ever considered launching a war against Iran. No West Asia actor would allow the U.S. to use bases in Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq or even Jordan. Baghdad is already engaged, for quite a while, in getting rid of all American bases.

Where’s my new Pearl Harbor?

Plan B is, what else, setting up yet another Pearl Harbor (the last one was only a few weeks ago, according to Tel Aviv). After all organizing such a lavish display of gunboat diplomacy in an inland sea unveils a mouth-watering choice of sitting ducks.

It’s idle to expect Pentagon head Lloyd “Raytheon” Austin to factor the possible, cosmic humiliation of the Hegemon having one of its multibillion-dollar bathtubs sunk by an Iranian missile. Were that to happen, they would go – literally – nuclear.

Alastair Crooke – the gold, platinum and rare earth analytical standard – has warned that all hot spots may blow up all at once, destroying the entire (italics mine) U.S. “alliance system”.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, as usual, nailed it, when he said that if Gaza is destroyed, the resulting catastrophe will last “decades, if not centuries.”

What started as a roll of the dice in Gaza is now expanding to all of West Asia and afterwards, inevitably, to Europe, Africa and Asia.

Everyone remembers the preamble to the current incendiary circumstances: the Brzezinski-tinged gambit played out in Ukraine to cut off Europe from Russian natural resources.

This has metastasized into the greatest world crisis since 1939. The Straussian neocon psychos in D.C. have no clue how to back off. So as it stands there is less than zero hope for a peaceful solution for both intertwined wars.

As I previously stressed, the leaders of major oil producers – Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait – can cut off almost half of oil production in the world in one fell swoop, demolishing the entire economies of the EU and U.S. without firing a shot. Diplomatic sources assure this is being seriously considered.

As an old school Deep State source, now in Europe, told me, serious players are actively involved in sending this message to the Beltway “to make the U.S. think twice about igniting a war that they cannot control. When they go to Wall St. to check out the derivative exposure they will already have had time to think it over as documents were sent to folks like Larry Fink at Blackrock and Michael Bloomberg.”

In parallel, a serious discussion is evolving in intel circles across the “new axis of evil” (Russia-China-
Iran) about the necessity of consolidating a unified Islamic pole.

The prospects are not good – even if key poles such as Russia and China have clearly identified the common enemy of the whole Global South/Global Majority. Turkey under Erdogan is just posing. Saudi Arabia will not invest itself into defending/protecting Palestine no matter what. American client/minions in West Asia are just scared. That leaves only Iran and the Axis of Resistance.

When in doubt, remember Yahwe

Meanwhile, the vengeful, narcissistic tribe of conquistadors, masters of political deception and moral exemption, is deep into consolidating its Nakba 2.0 – which doubles as the perfect solution to illegally gobble up all that gas offshore Gaza.

The Israeli Ministry of Intelligence’s deportation directive affecting 2.3 million Palestinians is quite clear. It has been officially endorsed by the Ministry on October 13.

It starts with expelling all Palestinians from northern Gaza, followed by serial “land operations”; leaving routes open across the Egyptian border in Rafah; and establishing “tent cities” in northern Sinai and later on even new cities to “resettle Palestinians” in Egypt.

Humanitarian Law and Policy Consultant Itay Epshtain has noted, “I have not been able to detect, as of yet, an agenda item or government decision endorsing the directive of the Ministry. If it was indeed presented and approved it would not likely be in the public domain.”

Several of Tel Aviv’s own extremists are confirming it in their outbursts, anyway.

As for the wider war, it has already been written. A long time ago. And they want to follow it to the letter, in tandem with American Christian Zio-cons.

Everyone remembers Gen Wesley Clark going to the Pentagon two months after 9/11 and learning about the neocon/Christian Zio-con plan to target 7 countries in 5 years for destruction:

Those were Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, Syria, Somalia, Sudan – and Iran.

All of them were destabilized, destroyed or plunged into chaos.

The last one on the list is Iran.

Now go back to Deuteronomy 7:1-2, 24:

“Yahweh told Israel that he has identified “SEVEN NATIONS GREATER AND STRONGER THAN YOURSELF” (caps mine), that “you must put under curse of destruction,” and not “show them any pity.” As for their kings, “you will blot out their names under heaven.”

Information Clearing House – October 30, 2023

This is what it was like to be indifferent to Nazi Genocide

By Finian Cunningham

Looking back at the horrors inflicted by Nazi Germany, a fascinating, disturbing question is: why and how could so many people at that time be indifferent to the crimes? After the defeat of the Nazi fascist regime, people adamantly lamented “never again” would such horror be permitted.

Part of the lament was due to a sense of collective guilt that more wasn’t done at the time to stop the systematic mass killings and brutality.

Well, up to a point, it is happening again in Gaza where 2.3 million have been subjected to three weeks of constant, indiscriminate bombardment amid a total blockade of water, food and other basic human necessities.

And, shamefully, incredibly, the world is letting it happen – again. This time, we don’t have the mitigatory excuse of ignorance and lack of information from antiquated communication systems. The mass murder in Gaza is on prime-time television.

The United Nations Security Council is seemingly at an impasse to muster a resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire and the urgent dispatch of aid trucks into the Gaza Strip. Three weeks of massacring a civilian population trapped in a coastal area – described as the world’s biggest open-air concentration camp – have been permitted to continue while the UN Security Council wrangles over diplomatic resolutions.

At the rate of killing by Israeli military forces, the death toll in Gaza will soon reach 10,000 with multiples of that as injured. That’s just the violent casualties. With no water or food and hospitals closing from lack of fuel, the mortality will likely be even greater. Most of the dead and injured are women and children who have nothing to do with the killings by the Hamas militants from Gaza on October 7 when 1,400 Israelis died.

The horror in Gaza is comparable to the Nazi brutality inflicted on the Warsaw Ghetto during four weeks in April-May 1943 when over 10,000 Jewish civilians were killed in reprisal for an armed uprising by resistance fighters.

Many people around the world are rightly outraged by the Israeli genocide against the Palestinians in Gaza. Huge public protests in Arab nations as well as in Europe and North America condemning the Israeli war crimes are indicative of the collective disgust over the daily massacre and starvation.

There seems to be a historic watershed moment now in the decades-long Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

For too many decades, the Israeli regime has gotten away with mass murder and criminal occupation against the Palestinians. Part of that license was due to the confusion in world opinion caused by the Zionist distorted conflation of the history pertaining to the Nazi holocaust.

What is becoming increasingly clear to the world is that the Israeli regime is a perverse travesty of the Jewish genocide under the Nazis. Since its illegal inception as a colonial state in 1948, the Zionist regime is comparatively a continuation of the fascist crimes that were committed by Nazi Germany against Jews – the difference being that the newer victims are the Palestinians.

It seems incredible to say this: the Israeli apartheid regime is finally losing the propaganda war. It seems incredible to say this because one should wonder why it has taken so long for the horrific truth to be widely seen before now.

It should be patently evident that huge crimes are being perpetrated when we see children decapitated by air strikes when hospitals are being blown up, when medics and journalists are being killed, and when babies are dying from incubators being shut down from lack of electricity. It seems almost bizarre to say that the perpetrators of such barbarity are finally losing the propaganda war. How did they ever get away with it?

So, why isn’t there a world-stopping condemnation of this barbarity? There are huge public protests and anger around the world against the Israeli genocide of Palestinians but surely there should be more action than that to bring this obscenity to a peremptory end – now.

This is where the Western leaders, governments and media are part of the endemic problem.

U.S. President Joe Biden has the sickening bigotry to say that Palestinians are lying about the casualties in Gaza. Biden is echoing the Israeli regime’s flagrant lies that the people in Gaza are cutting off their electricity supplies and bombing their own hospitals.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has the nauseating gall to say that the people of Gaza are “victims of Hamas terrorism” and he wishes Israel “to win”.

France’s Macron, Germany’s Scholz, the EU’s Von Der Leyen, Canada’s Trudeau, and so on. They are all vile apologists and obscurantists for genocide.

All the Western leaders cynically profess their support for “Israel’s right to self-defense” as it slaughters innocent civilians by the hundreds every day. Such establishment deception by Western rulers – amplified by servile Western media – has caused confusion, disinformation and disorientation among the public. (Not only on the issue of Israel-Palestine but countless other subjects too.)

The United States has blocked at least two resolutions at the UN Security Council calling for an immediate ceasefire because the wording of the proposals does not codify “Israel’s right to self-defense”.

This is playing politics and shielding crimes while thousands of innocent people are being murdered under a rain of bombs and starved to death under the rubble.

This is what genocide looks like and this is what it is like for the world to stand by and watch. If you thought it would have been impossible to happen then think again, open your eyes, it is.

The Western media – the European and United States media outlets like BBC and CNN to name only two – have helped minimize the criminality of the Israeli regime and the nefarious role of complicit Western state backers. Yes, these outlets have shown footage of appalling destruction in Gaza by the Israelis, but these same outlets rarely tell viewers the names of the victims nor how wanton and evil the killing is. There is a systematic bias to diminish the criminality of the U.S. and European-backed Israeli violence against a captive civilian population.

Compare the disproportionate, non-stop coverage the Western media have given to the war in Ukraine over the past 19 months. According to the UN figures, there have been 10,000 civilian deaths in the Ukraine conflict compared with the deaths in Gaza over three weeks. Russia has been accused, vilified and condemned at every turn over the violence in Ukraine – even though the root cause of that conflict can be attributed to the U.S.-led NATO and the Nazi regime weaponized in Kiev since a CIA-orchestrated coup in 2014.

The hypocrisy of the Western media is reflective of the unscrupulous political agenda of their governments. Russia is deemed to be an official enemy, therefore media coverage is disproportionate and pejorative, indeed propagandistic. While the Tel Aviv regime whose crimes are colossal and glaring is relatively shielded by the Western media in accord with the prejudices of their governments.

Nonetheless – and this is historically significant – there is an abrupt and widening glitch in the thought-control matrix. The sheer, grotesque criminality of the Israeli regime and the West’s institutional complicity is no longer concealable in spite of the massive lies and distortions. People in Western nations and around the world are increasingly becoming aware of the genocide that alleged democratic powers are committing. Not only aware but abhorred and furious.

The Israeli apartheid regime is finished. And so too are the corrupt Western regimes that have masqueraded for so long as “democracies”.

Finian Cunningham, former editor and writer for major news media organizations.

Countercurrent – October 31, 2023

The Gaza Manifesto: Why America’s Old Middle East is Crumbling in Palestine

 by Dr Ramzy Baroud

History will not forgive those who have remained silent, exhibited or expressed ‘balanced’ positions – or worse, defended Israel’s ongoing  genocide in an already besieged, impoverished and overcrowded Gaza. 

This is not a cliché declaration, a desperate attempt aimed at jolting the world, especially the Western world, to show a degree of morality as Palestinians are dying in their thousands, as the pulverized bodies of children are scattered in every neighborhood in Gaza. 

No, this is about history. 

Following the terrorist attacks of September 11, Washington and its Western allies wanted to impose a new history on the Middle East, in fact, the Muslim world, a history in which the West is fighting a civilizational ‘war against terror’. 

Since then, it has been stated numerous times, directly or otherwise, that the culprits, the ‘bad guys’ in this American scenario, are Muslims – their religion, their languages, their cultures, their very societal make-up.

In truth, there was no collective enemy. That is why it had to be invented. Muslims were not united. They had their own regional, political and even sectarian conflicts. In fact, most Muslim governments were considered ‘US allies’, beholden to American diktats and agendas, however destructive and violent.

In this make-belief world, the Middle East was made up of ‘radical Islamists’, who, out of sheer ムjealousyメ of Western progress and civilization, signed a social contract to defeat democracy and enlightenment.

The West, including Israel and many other agents, jumped on board. They all wanted to be part of this ‘war on terror’, and the ample strategic opportunities it offered.

But that history was fabricated. America fought a war for its own selfish reasons: oil, gas, strategic maneuvering and geostrategic great games. 

Meanwhile, Israel was fighting against a Palestinian liberation movement that existed decades before 9/11 and will remain in existence until Palestinians recover and return to their colonized homeland.

Many chauvinists and racists in the West, ultimately clustering into the far-right formations we see today, used Islam and Muslims as a scapegoat to justify their independently existing racism, hate for immigrants and refugees, and as fodder in their political war against the so-called liberals. 

Not that the latter group fared any better. Statements that justify Israel’s genocide on Gaza uttered by Joe Biden in Washington or Emmanuel Macron in Paris, or Olaf Scholz in Berlin, are hardly distinguishable from any fascist ideologue in their own countries or anywhere else. 

This is the uncomfortable truth that Americans and Westerners, in general, must now contend with. Their internal ideological war is but a farce. Liberalism and conservatism can only mean something when they are put to the test. And the whole Western establishment, with its various ideological colors – with very minor exceptions – has failed the moral test on Palestine, and miserably so.

But, luckily for Palestinians, the West does not hold all the cards. At least, not anymore. This is not 1990-91, or 2003, when the US carried out major wars in the Middle East, largely uncontested, and was allowed to reshape the region to fit its expectations and those of Tel Aviv and Brussels. 

A new Middle East is emerging, indeed, and it promises to be Washington’s worst nightmare, because those who are solidifying behind Palestinians are no longer linked by race, color or creed. 

There is a new Islamic world that is emerging, one that includes Shia and Sunni, one that has no space for terrorism and random violence against innocent people.

This new principled Middle East is now uniting around Gaza, this tiny little stretch of land with a seemingly never-ending humanitarian crisis, one that was created by Israel, and Israel alone. 

When Israel decided to besiege Gaza following the democratic Palestinian elections of 2006, they must have never expected that the Palestinians there would be able to hold on for this long, would be able to fight back and would be able to assert themselves as the center of the struggle for Palestinian freedom – in fact, the struggle against American imperialism in the entire region. 

This is what Gaza has demonstrated to us and to anyone who is willing to liberate himself from decades of US indoctrination in the Middle East or beyond it: 

One, no peace, stability, security, or prosperity in the Middle East is possible without justice for Palestine and freedom for the Palestinian people. 

Two, though the Arabs have largely failed Palestine, and continue to do so, Muslim nations are finding a common ground around their support for the Palestinian people. If this momentum continues – and it should – it will be a game changer. 

Three, Israel is militarily weak and, despite all assurances by Tel Aviv throughout the years, it is nothing but a vassal, a client regime for Washington. Its survival is linked to Washington’s support in every possible way. 

Four, the US no longer holds all the cards. With the unity of Resistance throughout the Middle East, the growing clout of Iran, the refusal of Arab countries to play the role of lackeys for Washington and the strong position from China, Russia, Iran, Turkey and others, the region is no longer an American playbook.

Five, armed resistance is not a fantasy, as many have believed and repeated throughout the years. True, while Gaza, on its own, will not be able to defeat Israel, the combined power of the Resistance is demonstrating that Israel is no longer the all-powerful country that, single handedly – with American support, of course – defeated several Arab armies in 1967. 

Six, and perhaps, the most important of all these realizations, is that Gaza has ended the sectarian war in the Middle East, a decades-long conflict that has been stirred by numerous parties, including the US, Israel, Middle Eastern governments and many terrorist groups.

When the US launched its war on Afghanistan in 2001 and, again, on Iraq in 2003, it hardly expected that the Middle East, merely two decades later, would reinvent itself beyond American definitions and expectations.

And to think that tiny little Gaza is the spark that has refocused the energies of the whole region is a political miracle, that many political scientists will find difficult to understand, let alone explain. 

Dr. Ramzy Baroud is a journalist, author and the Editor of The Palestine Chronicle. He is the author of six books. His latest book, co-edited with Ilan Pappé, is ‘Our Vision for Liberation: Engaged Palestinian Leaders and Intellectuals Speak Out’. His other books include ‘My Father was a Freedom Fighter’ and ‘The Last Earth’. Baroud is a Non-resident Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Islam and Global Affairs (CIGA). His website isᅠ

World Socialist Web Site October 31, 2023

US condemns calls for Gaza ceasefire, as Israel accelerates ground offensive

By Andre Damon

The United States, a leading instigator and supporter of Israel’s genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza, has once again publicly rebuked global calls for an end to the war.

At a news briefing Friday, US National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby was asked to comment on Friday’s overwhelming 140-15 vote in the United Nations General Assembly in favor of a ceasefire in Gaza.

“We do not believe that a ceasefire is the right answer right now,” Kirby said. “We believe that a ceasefire right now benefits Hamas, and Hamas is the only one that would gain from that right now.”

Kirby reiterated the talking points of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who vocally condemned all those both within Israel and worldwide who are calling for an end to Israel’s attacks on Gaza.

“Calls for a ceasefire are calls for Israel to surrender to Hamas, to surrender to terrorism, to surrender to barbarism,” Netanyahu told reporters, vowing, “That will not happen.” He continued, “Just as the United States would not agree to a ceasefire after the bombing of Pearl Harbor or after the terrorist attack of 9/11, Israel will not agree to a cessation of hostilities with Hamas after the horrific attacks of October 7.”

Netanyahu referred to the Palestinians as “the forces of barbarism,” adding, “If Hamas and Iran’s axis of evil wins, you will be their next target,” referring to Israel’s imperialist allies. Netanyahu asked if “the civilized world [is] ready to fight the barbarians,” saying that Israel’s opponents want to “usher in a world of fear and darkness,” calling them the enemies of civilization.

Kirby and Netanyahu made these statements as Israeli tanks and soldiers pushed further toward Gaza City, with video showing Israeli troops shooting indiscriminately at civilian vehicles. Israeli ground troops entered Gaza last week and have steadily moved to encircle Gaza City from multiple directions. Israel has blocked food, water, and fuel from entering into the enclave of two million people and is only allowing in a trickle of assistance to flow in from Egypt.

The advancing troops were accompanied by a relentless bombing campaign that continues to kill hundreds of Palestinians every single day. Between October 28 and 29, 302 Palestinians were killed in Gaza, according to Gaza’s Ministry of Health. The death toll has soared to over 8,000, of whom 67 percent are women and children. Nearly three-quarters of the population of Gaza, or 1.4 million people, have been internally displaced. Throughout the country, UN refugee facilities reported that they are at three times their intended capacity.

The massacre of Palestinians in Gaza is accompanied by a systematic campaign of ethnic cleansing by Israeli settlers in the West Bank, whose activities are given quasi-official sanction by the Israeli government. According to the United Nations, nearly 1,000 Palestinians have been displaced from their homes in the West Bank over the past three weeks. Another 121 Palestinians in the West Bank were displaced after Israeli forces demolished their homes. At least seven Palestinians in the West Bank have been killed by Israeli settlers since October 7, and more than 100 Palestinians in the West Bank have been killed by Israeli police and military forces over the same time period.

As Israel’s onslaught against both Gaza and the West Bank continues, it is becoming increasingly impossible to deny that the Netanyahu government has seized upon the events of October 7 to initiate a campaign of ethnic cleansing. In remarks on Monday, Philippe Lazzarini, Commissioner-General of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East, stated bluntly at the United Nations, “What happened and continues to happen is forced displacement.

“Civilians remaining in the north are receiving evacuation notices from the Israeli forces, urging them south to receive scarce humanitarian assistance,” he said. “But many, including pregnant women, people with disabilities, the sick and the wounded, are unable to move.” He added, “Hunger and despair are turning into anger against the international community.”

On Monday, the Financial Times reported that the Israeli government is seeking to relocate Palestinians into Egypt’s Sinai Desert. In an article entitled, “Netanyahu lobbied EU to pressure Egypt into accepting Gaza refugees,” the FT wrote, “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sought to convince European leaders to put pressure on Egypt into accepting refugees from Gaza.” The FT quoted a Western diplomat as saying, “Netanyahu pushed quite hard that the solution was for Egyptians to take Gazans at least during the conflict.”

The FT quoted Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi as saying Egypt “rejects ‘any attempt to liquidate the Palestinian issue by military means or through the forced displacement of Palestinians from their land, which would come at the expense of the countries of the region’.” The plans by Netanyahu are consistent with a leaked proposal from Israel’s intelligence ministry calling for the population of Gaza to be relocated to tent cities in the northern Sinai desert and not to allow the population to return.

Amid the escalating ground invasion, Israel is intensifying its bombardment of hospitals throughout Gaza. In its daily update on the situation in Gaza, the United Nations wrote, “Over the weekend, the vicinities of Shifa and Al Quds hospitals in Gaza City and of the Indonesian hospital in northern Gaza were reportedly bombarded, causing damage. This followed renewed calls by the Israeli military to evacuate these facilities immediately. All 13 hospitals still operational in Gaza City and northern Gaza have received repeated evacuation orders in recent days.”

On Sunday, the Palestine Red Crescent Society said that Israel threatened to bomb the Al Quds hospital, where 14,000 people are sheltering. The UN also reported, “The Turkish Friendship Hospital, which treats cancer patients in Gaza, was severely damaged by intense bombing in its vicinity. The bombing caused several injuries.”

In his remarks to the UN Security Council Monday, UNRWA Commissioner-General Lazzarini said, “More than 420 children are being killed or injured in Gaza every day.

“Save the Children reported yesterday that nearly 3,200 children were killed in Gaza in just three weeks. This surpasses the number of children killed annually across the world’s conflict zones since 2019,” Lazzarini said.

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