December 2023

US Vetoes Gaza Cease-Fire Resolution at UN Security Council
By Julia Conley: As the United Nations humanitarian chief warned that aid workers in Gaza are “hanging on by our fingertips” as they try to mitigate an “untenable” disaster, and with Americans’ support for Israel’s U.S-backed bombardment of the enclave eroding, the United States on Friday vetoed a resolution demanding an immediate humanitarian cease-fire at the U.N. Security Council. Read More

Israel’s Murder of Palestinian Author Dr. Refaat al-Ar’eer sparks global outrage
By Jacob Crosse
The December 6 targeted assassination of gifted English teacher, author, translator and Palestinian rights advocate Dr. Refaat al-Ar’eer in Gaza by the US-backed Israel Defense Forces has provoked mass outrage across the globe. Dr. al-Ar’eer, a professor at the Islamic University in Gaza, which has since been destroyed by the IDF, is one of over 17,400 Palestinians who has been murdered by the IDF in the last two months.
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Yemen says no ships bound for Israel will pass Red Sea
ABC News
All ships bound for Israel, notwithstanding their nationality, will be stopped from passing through the Red Sea and become "a legitimate target" until more aid is delivered to Gaza on these ships, a Yemeni Armed Forces spokesperson said.
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How state-backed Hindutva rhetoric is fuelling the ethnic cleansing of Uttarakhand?
By  Harsh Mander: India’s most populous hill state Uttarakhand is in unprecedented turmoil. It is the first state in India in which an influential and popular campaign for ethnic cleansing has gathered ominous momentum: a battle for the expulsion of all Muslims from the state. This crusade is tacitly supported by the state government. Read More

Ethno-Religious Cleansing in India
By Parker Harrison Sears
: Hindutva nationalism plays a large factor in the BJP’s electoral success. Since elections bring an upswell in human passion, a political leader can seize this fervor and use it to inflict damage on party enemies or groups of people. History has shown that elections can ignite conflict, such as when the south seceded upon Abraham Lincoln’s election, which sparked the American Civil war.
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At least 23 killed in Israeli airstrikes on 2 Gaza refugee camps
Daily Sabah:
At least 23 people were killed early Thursday when Israeli fighter jets targeted two houses in a refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip as well as a camp in the southern part of the enclave.At least 17 Palestinians were killed and scores more injured in an Israeli airstrike on a house in the al-Maghazi refugee camp, as reported by the Palestinian news agency WAFA, citing local sources. The agency also reported that at least six Palestinians were killed and others injured in an Israeli military airstrike on a house in the al-Shabora refugee camp in Rafah, southern Gaza. Read More

Genocide Resumes in Gaza
y Dr Chandra Muzaffar
: After an uneasy seven day truce, Israel and Hamas are now once again locked in a violent combat. Each side has accused the other of violating the truce. What is really important is the consequence of this resumption of conflict. Thousands more Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank are going to be killed. According to various sources, within 24 hours of the end of the truce on Friday 1st December, 184 Palestinians were wiped out as a result of Israeli bombardments. This brings the total number of dead Palestinians at the hands of Israeli fire-power since the present phase of fighting broke out on 7th of October 2023 to 15,500. In contrast, 1332 Israelis and others have been killed by Hamas and its allies.
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Dying to Be Free: Releasing Palestinian Captives is Not a Numbers Game 
y Dr Ramzy Baroud: There is a reason why Palestinians are keen on releasing their prisoners, despite the heavy price they continue to pay for their freedom. It may seem rational to ask the question: what is the point of releasing a few Palestinian detainees from Israeli prisons, if the price of doing so is the death of over 15,000 Palestinians in Gaza? In fact, even if all Palestinian prisoners – numbering about 7,000 – are released, they would not even amount to 30 percent of the total number of Palestinian dead and missing, so far, in the ongoing Israeli genocide in the Strip. Read More

Gaza health system collapses amid nonstop Israeli bombardment
By Benjamin Mateus: With Israel’s resumption of the assault on Gaza with “maximum force,” a genocidal campaign that has been recently escalated by Israel against the Palestinians is driving a significant majority of the population out of their homes into shelters and refugee camps in the south. In the course of the last few days, hundreds more innocent civilians, the majority women and children, have been killed in the incessant bombing that, as one commentator on the ground noted, turns “the sky grey and the ground red” with blood. In northern Gaza, Kamal Adwan Hospital has been surrounded by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) trapping hundreds of people who have sought treatment or refuge in the buildings and adjacent compounds.
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Israel encircles Khan Younis, mounts fiercest attacks since Oct. 7
Daily Sabah
The Israeli military mounted some of the fiercest attacks on Wednesday since Oct. 7 as it encircled southern Gaza's main city, Khan Younis.
Tel Aviv's closest ally the United States, in the meanwhile, again pressed to allow fuel and vital aid into the Palestinian enclave. Israel said its forces, backed by warplanes, were engaged in fierce battles in Gaza on Wednesday, a day after the military reached the heart of Khan Younis and also surrounded the city. Read More

Israel’s biggest strength Islamic world’s division
Daily Sabah
srael’s biggest strength does not lie in its capacities but rather in the dividedness of the Islamic world, Parliament Speaker Numan Kurtulmuş told Qatar’s Al-Sharq newspaper on Wednesday. Kurtulmuş underlined that the reactions of the Islamic countries 60 days after the start of the war were insufficient. “Unfortunately, this is the part that saddens people the most. People follow the events in Gaza with great pain and condemn them, but unfortunately, no steps are taken that will yield results,” he said. Read More

West Bank feels the heat as Gaza endures Israeli bombing for 2 months
Yeni Safak:
Besides pummeling the besieged Gaza Strip with relentless bombing since Oct. 7, the Israeli army intensified its military campaign against the occupied West Bank, killing and arresting hundreds of Palestinians.
According to Anadolu reporters, the Israeli army turned all the West Bank into a "battlefield" through its daily incursions, erecting military checkpoints to cut the connectivity between the Palestinian areas and hindering the Palestinians' movement. Read More

Erdogan rebukes Israeli threat to carry out assassinations in Türkiye
TRT World:
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned Tel Aviv of heavy price amid reports of Israeli plot to assassinate Hamas members living outside Palestine. “If they dare to take such a step against Türkiye and Turkish people, they will be doomed to pay a price which they cannot recover from,” Erdogan told journalists Tuesday on his return flight from a two-day Qatar trip when he was asked about a Wall Street Journal article which claimed that Israel plans to kill Hamas members living outside Palestine.
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Mossad's assassination threat and the reaction of Turkish intelligence
By Murat Aslan
Neither Türkiye nor any other country would ever accept being a playground for Mossad’s intelligence operations, as this would violate Turkish laws and sovereignty
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Unable to Defeat Palestinian Resistance, Israeli Regime Intensifies Killing and Torturing Children
By Finian Cunningham
Despite Western media’s systematic attempts to normalize Israeli state terrorism, it is inescapably evident even from their distorted lens just how wicked the Netanyahu regime is.
All Palestinians released so far in hostage exchanges by the Israeli regime are women and children. Women and children! Why were they even in detention in the first place? What sort of despotic regime does that? Locking children up and threatening their families with punishment if they show the slightest emotion is the dirtiest terror tactic. Read More

The Israel-India-U.S. Triangle: Its Human Toll Will Be Incalculable
Priti Gulati Cox and Stan Cox: Today, the Israeli weapons-robotics firm Elbit Systems has even established a drone factory in India and now has a $300 million contract to supply drones to the Indian army occupying Kashmir. Meanwhile, Modi and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have established a mutual-admiration society, dubbed by the media of both countries the “Modi-Bibi bromance.” And New Delhi has all but abandoned the Palestinians. Read More

At least 50 Palestinians dead in overnight Israeli strikes on Gaza
Daily Sabah:
At least 50 Palestinians were killed in overnight Israeli airstrikes on southern Gaza's Khan Younis and the Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza Strip, according to Palestinian media reports. Palestinian news agency WAFA reported an Israeli airstrike on a residential building of the al-Yazigi family in the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood of Gaza City, which left an unspecified number of casualties, including women and children. Another Israeli airstrike on a home in the Khan Younis refugee camp in the southern Gaza Strip caused several deaths and injuries.
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